Barangland, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Barangland, is an Islamic country in Northern Europe, located north of Russia.


Iurabi Arabiya Empire (1640s-1798)

Muslims from the Middle East ruled Barangland, as the world's first Islamic country in Europe. Barangland was under the rule of King Hazi Khan. Hazi Khan had 3,000 armies and 800 horses. Barangland was ruled under the name of Iurabi Arabiya (European-Arab or European Arabiya). Iurabi Arabiya was a very strong empire established in 1608 AD in a small island near the Arctic Ocean. It was uninvadable, but it was dissolved in 1932 after the Barangish independence declaration from the Kharadi Republic.

Kharadi Republic (1798-1854)

The Kharadis invaded Iurabi Arabiya in 1798. Then it was considered that the Kharadi Republic became an independent republic. The empire was ruled by King Jahangir Masud, one of the evil Kings in Fictional History.

Kharadi Empire Map

Map of Kharadi Republic

Kharadi Empire was the last evil Islamic European Empire after it was dissolved in 1798 by King Marid Salam after the war, then King Jahangir Masud was defeated and died.

Chinese Rule (1854-1900)

Chinese Muslims ruled Barangland in 1854. The Chinese formed Barangland as an independent country, and the possible name for the country is Alistan Masud. It was ruled by King Marid Salam, who was born in Afghanistan and went to China in 1846. The Chinese left in 1899 and the rule ended when King Marid Salam died in 1898 at the age of 101.

The last 32 years (1900-1932)

After 2 years when the Alistani King died, the Saudi Arabians ruled Barangland and Saudi Arabia was the last country to rule Barangland. Until then, some Saudis left and only 19 Saudis left in the country.

Modern Barangland (1932-Present)

After the Barangish Independence Declaration with Saudi Arabia, all the Saudis left and Barangland became the first fictional Islamic Country in Europe. Barangland has 12 mosques, 1 government, 5 states and 80+ cities.



Barangland has five states:


The public broadcaster of Barangland is Barangland RadioTele (BTR), founded in 1940, and the channels are 1BTR, 2BTR, 3BTR, and 4BTR. And others are ARTV, Channel 32, Wahid TV, Duraya TV, Islam TV, HHN (Haram Harid Nawaka) etc. The English networks are Islam TV English, BTR English, Cartoon Network Barangland, Nickelodeon Barangland, BTR Kidz, HHN World, etc. Radio Networks are Radio 1BTR and Radio 2BTR etc. Film companies are BTR Movies, 5Star Entertainment etc. Movie theaters are Jayad Cinema, See-Nay-Ma, 4K Motion etc. Digital TV Providers are BTR DigiTV, TVArab etc.


Barangland's population is 22, 134, 000 (2017 Estimate).




There are Islamic events like Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid-Ul-Adha, Hajj, etc.



The School week is from Sunday to Thursday.

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