Barokia (/bɚrɒkjə/) (Barokian: بارکي Barokiya) officially known as the Islamic Region of Barokia, is a country in South America located northeast of Brazil, north of Uruguay, west of Argentina, south of Deconara, south and east of the Atlantic Ocean, and north of South Esperantia. It is the most expensive and richest country in South America. Even though it is very close to Deconara, it does not share a border with it. It is the only country in South America where Islam is the largest religion. Barokia is ruled by the Barokian Islamic Party right now; the current opposition against the incumbent ruling party is the Barokian Gülen Party. The calling code of Barokia is +585.

Barokia is an active member of these following organizations: the United Nations, the Arab League, CONMEBOL, the Union of South American Nations, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.


The country was discovered in 1822. The name "Barokia" is a reference to King Jun Barokia, who owned the Arab Empire.

The Middle Eastern countries owned one tenth of its territory before it was freed in 1914.


The currency of Barokia is Barokian Riyal. The 1 riyal is subdivided to 10 halalas. 1 US dollar converts to 4 Barokian riyals. The GDP per capita of Barokia is $60,819, and as of 2018, and the nominal GDP is $60 trillion.


The population of Barokia is around 123 million (2020 estimate)


The state-owned broadcaster of Barokia is Barokian Broadcast Television (BBT). Some main terrestrial TV channels are BBT 1, BBT 2, KTV, Channel 9, TV Islam, etc. The FM radio stations are BakRadio 91.40 mhZ, Slice FM (Barokia) 98.60 mhZ, FM93 93.00 mhZ etc. The AM radio stations are BakRadio Fusid City 1083 khZ, Barokiya 24 1036 khZ, El-Muzik AM 4189 khZ etc. Film companies are BakFilms, Makha Movies etc.


Barokia is divided into two provinces. The north one is Mazzayah and the south one is Sawah. The capital city is located at the Mazzayah province.


  • Barokia uses NTSC display format for TVs, Movies, Video Games, and Computers, like the US, South Korea, YinYangia, Canada, Philippines, and etc. When a Barokian station signs off, the test card is the SMPTE Color Bars.


  • Compared to other Islamic countries, homosexual activity has always been a legal act since the day it was founded on May 1, 1914. Gay marriage and recognition of same-sex relationships were legalized in 2006 after pressure from citizens groups.
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