Barokian Islamic Party (Barokian: بعراکيا پارݓيا اسلاميا; Ba'arakiya Partya Islamiya) is a political party in Barokia in which Barokia is ruled by right now. The party was founded in 1911 known as Barok Free Movement Party, a movement party that was founded to gain independence from Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. It renamed to the current name after Barokia declared independence.

The word, Islamic, is mentioned in the name because of Barokia being a Muslim-majority country. It is the first and still, the current party of the Federal Government of Barokia.

The founder of the party is Kemal Sallaiha Bajdim, the first president of Barokia.

They hold 1,985 seats in the Barokian parliament.

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