Barokian (Barokian: بعراکيا, tr. ba'arakiya; Barokian pronunciation: [bʕarɔkja]), is the official language of Barokia. It is also a regional language of Celdonia.


The Barokian language first introduced in 1594 AD, that time using Persian (Nasta'liq) Script. It was first spoken in British-Muslim American Land of Barokia, the time when the British Empire was ruled Barokia. It was spoken by the Muslims of Barokia. Starting in 1900 AD, Barokian started to use the Naskh script to write in Barokia. Now the language is spoken everywhere around the world, as a regional language.


Barokian language has the vowels and consonants which Arabic and Persian have, but it created other letters like tse ݗ, dze ݮ, r̩e ݬ (IPA: r̝) etc.

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