Barrey Dakano (born March 28, 1984) is a Sakarian-Filipino actor and voice actor. He is signed to GSTV Artists Center.


Barrey was born to a Filipino-American father and Chinese-Sakarian mother in Sumrikar, Sakaria. He moved with his parents to Metro Manila in 1990.

List of his acts as voice actor

  • LazyTown (Tagalog dub): Sportacus
  • Big City Greens (Tagalog dub): Chip Whistler
  • Go Jetters (GSTV/Netflix Philippines Tagalog dub): Foz, unnamed man ("Hong Kong, China")
  • DuckTales (2017) (Tagalog dub): Scrooge McDuck
  • Hey Duggee (GSTV/Netflix Philippines Tagalog dub): Tag
  • Gravity Falls (GSTV Tagalog dub): Suus, Gideon Gleeful/Lil' Gideon
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd (Tagalog dub): Characters portrayed by Mike Mitai, TV Game Guy ("Pepsiman")
  • MAD (second Tagalog dub): Narrator ("U2PS World Tour!!!" segment)
  • Battle for the Respect of Roboty (Tagalog dub): Photograph of 8-Ball from BFB
  • Oreimo (Tagalog dub): Kyousuke
  • Trickster (Tagalog dub): Hide
  • World of Quest (Tagalog dub): Prince Neston
  • Mona the Vampire (Tagalog dub): Charley Bones/Zapman
  • Get Blake! (Tagalog dub): Maxus, Leonard
  • Total Drama World Tour: Alejandro
  • Total Drama All-Star: Alejandro
  • Miniforce (Tagalog dub): Max
  • Miniforce X (Tagalog dub): Max
  • Zip Zip (rumored GSTV Tagalog dub): Sam the Wild Boar
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