Bashir Al-Farsi is an American game programmer and designer who formerly worked at Drillimation Studios California, joining in 1990 before his retirement in June 2018. He operates his own development branch titled Crescent Star Games since he joined Drillimation.


Early Years

Al-Farsi was born on September 17, 1953 to Egyptian heritage in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was raised as a Muslim. Al-Farsi was raised in the Sunni branch and grew up speaking Arabic to his family and Minneapolis's large Muslim community. During his youth, he watched Hanna-Barbera cartoons and read encyclopedias from front cover to back. Al-Farsi was also active in school, serving as student council treasurer and playing in his high school's orchestra.

College years

Al-Farsi attended Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona from 1972 to 1976. Pong was also released during this time, making this Al-Farsi's first experience with a video game.

Pre-Drillimation years

Around a couple months after graduating with a degree in computer science, Al-Farsi made the pilgrimage to Mecca, where he met his future wife Farah, who was a pilgrim from Somalia. She moved to the US to work with him, where they began dating and eventually married. From this marriage, the couple had two children: a son named Khaled Al-Farsi (born 1978), and a daughter named Lina Al-Farsi (born 1981).

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