Bawk the Chicken is a puppet created by Tone Riddles in 1999. It was the mascot of Riddle in the House, a Wednesday/Sunday light entertainment programme. According to Riddles, Bawk was invented at the last second.


Bawk is a pink chicken, with a thin body and a large head. It also has large green eyes.


Whilst Riddle in the House was being created, Bawk was created at the last second solely to make the show more entertaining. Allegedly, Riddles quickly created a random thing, which coincidentally looked like a chicken, came up with a random name (which was "Bawk") and put the character forward.

After Riddle in the House was cancelled in 2005, Bawk became a presenter for Jump! in 2006, as well as an occasional presenter for its successor, Venture!

TV series

Bawk's World is a 2018 flash animated TV series starring Bawk the Chicken. It currently airs on Kantasia.


Bawk Is Back is an album by Bawk the Chicken released in 2002.

Appearances in other media