باز کنجد (Romanized: Baz Kenjd; translating to "Open Sesame") is the Persian-language co-production of Sesame Street, produced by Sesame Workshop in conjunction with MBC Persia and Walt Disney Television Europe. It is aimed at Persian-speaking audiences across the world, mainly in Iran (despite the show being made outside of Iran).

The first season, aired in 2018, was filmed at the Hilversum Media Park in the Netherlands, which is home to a large Persian-speaking population. Each episode includes locally-produced Muppet segments, as well as live-action segments featuring Persian-speaking children in the United Arab Emirates. Auditions for puppeteers & actors were held in Amsterdam, Toronto, Dubai, Los Angeles and London, and those auditions were open to anybody who spoke Persian fluently or as a first language. Martin P. Robinson and Sesamstraat performer Renée Menschaar trained the puppeteers. Episodes also feature Persian-dubbed footage from Sesame Street, The Furchester Hotel, and 3, 2, 1 Let's Go as well as Persian-dubbed footage from the international co-productions in Germany (Sesamstraße), the Netherlands (Sesamstraat), Italy (Strada Sesamo), India (Galli Galli Sim Sim), and South Africa (Takalani Sesame).

The second season premiered in 2019 on MBC Persia and Disney Channel Persian. The same year, Somayeh and Hooshang visited Strada Sesamo (performed for that occasion by Monica Lauricella and Pierluigi Rolla respectively) and also appeared at Sesame Workshop's El Kadsre Conference.


Muppet Cast

  • Hooshang (هوشنگ), a male furry orange otter. Performed by Hooshang Zadeh.
  • Gul (گل; Flower), a female yellow monster. Performed by Roshanak Namjoo.
  • Hawla Zbalh (هیولا زباله; Garbage Monster), an identical cousin and the Persian counterpart to Oscar the Grouch. Performed by Buksh Mahmoudieh, Ruhullah Gul Alinejad dubs over Oscar as Hawla Zbalh in re-used Sesame Street content.
  • Somayeh (سمیه), a female full-body purple & blue bat who is bilingual in both Persian and English. Performed by Salar Najafzadeh.
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