In June 1996, McDonald's offered Beast Wars: Transformers and Littlest Pet shop toys in Happy Meals. There were four toys per set plus an "under 3" toy for each set. The toys were reissues of the Beast Wars: Transformers and Littlest Pet Shop Happy Meal toys that were released in 1995.


Beast Wars: Transformers

  • 1. Manta Ray/Stinger Ray
  • 2. Beetle/Stagerclaw
  • 3. Rhino/Rhinox
  • 4. Panther/Primal Pantron
  • U3. Lion head/Optimus Primal (under 3 toy)

Littlest Pet Shop

  • 1. Swan
  • 2. Unicorn
  • 3. Tiger
  • 4. Dragon
  • U3. Hamster log (under 3 toy)



  • The Beast Wars: Transformers toys have names as opposed to being named after the animal they transform to.
  • This was the last Eruowoodian Happy Meal to offer "under 3" toys that were themed to the main Happy Meal toy promotion.
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