Ben's Animation is the animation division of Ben's based in Los Angeles, California that specializes in animated productions for theatrical features and television. It is also a subsidiary of Old Dominion Media as of 2017. The studio was founded in 1920 as Ben's Cartoons.


1920-68: Ben's Cartoons

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1968-86: Ben's Cartoon Studios

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1986-2005: Ben's Feature Animation

in 1986, Ben's Cartoon Studios was renamed into Ben's Feature Animation. In 1988, the releases of Mocking Birds and Catz marked the first time Ben's Feature Animation released two films in the same year.

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2005-present: Ben's Animation

in 2005, Ben's Feature Animation was renamed as Ben's Animation  before being shown in trailers for the company's another film, Nutty.

In 2017, the television animation division of Ben's Animation merged into Crystal Animation Studios.


Feature films

Title Release Date Animation studio(s) Distributor(s)
Musical Theatre February 10, 1970 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
The World of Animal November 13, 1970 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Thurdercity July 23, 1971 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Racing July 20, 1973 Hanna-Barbera Universal Pictures
The Missing Adventures February 15, 1974 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Party House August 6, 1976 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Paint Ball March 1, 1977 Hanna-Barbera Productions Universal Pictures
The Legend of Fairy Tale November 10, 1978 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Pet Shop February 14, 1979 Hanna-Barbera Productions 20th Century Fox
Adventures September 5, 1982 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Escape from Island April 8, 1983 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Top Max August 10,1985 Ben's Pictures Warner Bros. Pictures
The Mystery of New York October 25, 1985 Ben's Pictures 20th Century Fox
The Red Car March 7, 1986 Ben's Pictures Paramount Pictures
Mocking Birds August 5, 1988 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Catz December 2, 1988 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Lost Mind May 20, 1994 Ben's Pictures Columbia Pictures
Botherhood April 4, 1997 Columbia TriStar Feature Animation Columbia Pictures
Shooting Great Star November 13, 1998 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Time Travel June 1, 2001 Ben's Pictures 20th Century Fox
Out of Town October 18, 2002 Universal Cartoon Studios Universal Pictures
Itsy Bitsy Spider March 18, 2005 Hyperion Animation Paramount Pictures
Nutty November 10, 2006 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Jungletown July 24, 2009 Universal Animation Studios Universal Pictures
Zapped February 5, 2010 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Leafy's World May 28, 2010 Object Arts Studios Ben's Pictures
Bird Factory October 7, 2011 Universal Animation Studios Universal Pictures
Kirby November 30, 2012 Nintendo and HAL Laboratory Paramount Pictures
Computer Error April 12, 2013 Ben's Pictures Ben's Pictures
Chloe's Closet June 21, 2013 MoonScoop

Renegade Animation

Warner Bros. Pictures (USA)

The Weinstein Company (International)

Leafy's World 2 May 22, 2015 Object Arts Studios Ben's Pictures
Wow Wow Wubbzy May 13, 2016 Nickelodeon Movies and SammyWorks Paramount Pictures
Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? December 1, 2017 Warner Animation Group Warner Bros. Pictures
High School of Complete Students March 23, 2018 Sony Pictures Animation Columbia Pictures
Bunny's House November 9, 2018 Blue Sky Studios 20th Century Fox
Leafy's World 3 July 19, 2019 Object Arts Studios Ben's Pictures

Upcoming films

Title Release Date Animation studio(s) Distributor(s)
Trophy of Sports November 22, 2019 Paramount Animation Paramount Pictures

Direct-to-video films

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Television series

Title Premiere date End date Network
Catz: The Animated Series November 17, 1989 September 10, 1994 USA Network
Jetix and Wetix November 2016 present Jetix (revived)

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Short films

Title Release date Release Based on
Filpin' Jackie June 1, 2001 with Time Travel Original idea
Three Little Chicken October 18, 2002 with Out of Town Original idea
Love Interest? and Spider Stories November 16, 2005 with the home media release of Itsy Bitsy Spider Itsy Bitsy Spider
Green Eggs and Ham November 10, 2006 with Nutty Original idea
Woody Gets Nuts November 9, 2010 with the home media release of Leafy's World Leafy's World
Only Apple Tree October 7, 2011 with Bird Factory Original idea
Over and Outs November 30, 2012 with Kirby Original idea
Game On April 12, 2013 with Computer Error Original idea
Dogs Trouble May 22, 2015 with Leafy's World 2 Original idea
Water Problem August 13, 2015 with the home media release of Leafy's World 2 Leafy's World

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