For user page, see Ben Tran. For the real-life version, see Ben Gia Tran (real). Ben Gia Tran or Ben Tran (born May 20, 1984) is a Vietnamese-El Kadsreian-Vlokozuian Actor, YouTuber, VidSpacer, and Roblox gamer.



Year Title Role Notes
2012 TheCuben2006 Life Man in Sydney This man lived in Sydney, Australia.
2013 Club in Vertinelia Wyatt Johnson
2014 The Inanimate Objects Movie Sydney Opera House (voice)
2015 Cooking Masters Harlos
2016 Tile of Happiness Betal Nuelanel
2017 Las Tronties Himself
May 2018 Spectrum (movie) Robot 4 (voice)


Years Title Role Notes
2015-2016 Tronties Himself
2016-present Countryballs: The Animated Series Oasinaball, Vertineliaball (Voice)
2017-present The Dream Fiction Show Ben
2017-present Country Ninjas Oasina Ninja, Vertinelia Ninja (Voice)
2018 Object Colors Square, Certificate, Toy-Con Robot, Test Card Picture (Voice) The new show in CubenRocks Channel

Videos uploaded to YouTube and VidSpace

Video Upload date Ratio Notes
The history of France 2 1963-2006 2006 4:3 The history of the France 2 logo.
Ben sings Take On Me by aha. January 1, 2007 (VidSpace) 4:3 Ben sings Take On Me with TheorySing HQ 2.

Nihongo no hanashikata

How to speak Japanese

2008 (Japanese-Language Only) ビデオは、日本語を話す方法を学ぶことです。

Bideo wa, nihongo o hanasu hōhō o manabu kotodesu.

The video is to learn how to speak Japanese.

Ben Plays ROBLOX the first time! 2009 16:4 Ben plays ROBLOX without a user account.
Ben logs-on the ROBLOX Account! 2010 16:4 Ben logs on and plays ROBLOX with an account.
The Wind - CubenRocks Animation Studios February 2011 16:4 Animated video.
Unexpected Malfunctions - CubenRocks Animation Studios March 2011 16:4 Oh no! Something is malfunctiong! Who can fix it?
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