Ben Ivanson (born Benert Ivanson; August 18, 1963) is a New Zealander-El Kadsreian actor. Ivanson first went to fame when he portrayed Quinn Foster/Magna::Rex from Neo-Shifters. He received further acclaim when he became one of the hosts of Saturday Night Live in 1989. He is also known to be the co-founder of the suicide prevention organization Suicide Prevention Oceania.


Early Years

Ben was born in Napier as Benert in August 18, 1963 to the New Zealander father and the American mother. His parents were divorced in 1972, when he was 9, and he moved with his father and his two brothers to Hamilton, where he attended at Fairfield Primary School.


Ben Ivanson in 1985

In 1975, Benert and his family were immigrated to the Vlokozu Union, arriving in Vloksville. In 1976, before he attended at Vloksville High School (now Cicmpillici Secondary College), Benert legally changed his name to Ben due in fact some of his classmates in both Napier and Hamilton called him "Ben".

Rise to Fame

Foundation of Suicide Prevention Oceania

In 1987, whilst filming an episode of Neo-Shifters in Comoeys, Ben noticed a young teenager on Miku Kayos Viaduct walking back and forth along the bridge. When the teen started to climb atop the railing, Ben and some other pedestrians yelled at him to stop and think about his decision. The teen ignored them and jumped to his death. The teen was later identified as Richard Doubtfire, a native of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia. Richard had suffered from bullying and left a suicide note at his divorced father's house in Eirabourne which simply said "I wish I was loved, as I'm now gone." Ben's attempt to save the child's life was highlighted on the news program of TTV. Ben founded Suicide Prevention Oceania to help stop suicide in the Vlokozu Union and other parts of Oceania.



Year Title Role Notes
1985 Neo-Shifters: The Beginning Quinn Foster/Magna::Rex
1990 Neo-Shifters vs. Bionicle Quinn Foster/Magna::Rex Television movie
1992 Hero Factory IV: Breakout Lance Dawson
2001 The League of the Sentanese Liberators Blain Morris
2019 Terkel in Trouble Justin

Live-action Television

Year(s) Title Role Notes
1985-1988 Neo-Shifters Quinn Foster/Magna::Rex
1989-1990 Instinct Tom Halmiton/Calx
1989-2017 Saturday Night Live Various
1991-2000 Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon
2001 Midgygiant Tom Halmiton One episode only
2003-2004 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Jadeite English dub


Year Title Role Notes
1995-present Chibi Maruko-chan Hiroshi Sakura El Kadsreian English dub

Video Games

Year Title Role Notes
1997-present Spy Fox Spy Fox UEKN version
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