Benjamin C. Robinson is a Magisterian politician and a former actor who serves the 51st President of Magisteria. He is the first Magisterian President to be born on February 29th.

Personal life

Benjamin Canavan Robinson was born on February 29, 1968, at the Greenwood Regional Hospital at Greenwood, Michisota, Magisteria. He was born as a leapling, born on February 29th. His father was Sherman Canavan (1923-1998), a Canadian-born Magisterian businessman and His mother was Gabriella Robinson (1930-2017). Robinson grew up in the Vanvare Housings. a luxury neighbourhood located at Greenwood, Michisota and attended in a private elementary school, Vanvare Private School. After being in Michisota for almost 18 years, He moved to Cambridge, MA to be enrolled at Harvard University, He would graduate at Harvard in 1988. After he graduated at Harvard, He moved back to Greenwood, Michisota to start a career which he would be a actor from 1989 to 2000. He would retire from acting and moved to politics in 2001.



  • 12'o Clock at CBS (1990) (CBS)
  • The Sunday Supershow (MBC)
  • Thursday Night Live (1995) (MBC)
  • Marlin (1996) (MBC)
  • MBC News (2006) (MBC)
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2012) (MBC)
  • Twenty-Four Hours (2012) (CBS)
  • MasterChef Magisteria (2018) (MBC)


  • The Silence (1989)
  • I'm Waiting (1989)
  • The Silence 2 (1991)
  • Code Red (1991)
  • Saturday Night (1992)
  • Smirk and Lurk (1992)
  • The Man's Secret (1993)
  • Alien Abduction (1993)
  • Alien Abduction II: Revenge (1994)
  • Sex Life (1995)
  • Alien Abduction III: Unidentified (1995)
  • Alien Abduction IV: The Final Four (1996)
  • Red Room (1997)
  • Massacre Mayhem (1997)
  • Voltes V (1998)
  • The Deep Web (1999)
  • 3rd Millennium (2000)
  • Crofton Maddison (2013) (Comeback to the Movie Industry after 13 years.


Early actions

Robinson was inaugurated on February 10, 2020.

Robinson promised to fix the Poverty problem in Pearce, Ames, Magisteria, He gave 5,000 Homes with Heaters and Air Conditioners, 2 Bedrooms, Internet Access which will last for 10 years (Robinson already paid for the 10-year Internet Connection) and $1,000.

Robinson ended Magisteria and Lebanon's conflict after 75 years. Magisterians and Lebanese show their peace with each other and made the Magisteria-Lebanon bilateral relations.

Robinson extended the National lockdown until June 15 which the lockdown originally was scheduled to end on May 31 and requested to the Department of Education of Magisteria to continue classes in online.

on June 30, Robinson announced his first state visit to North Korea then the following day to South Korea.

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