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Beyond Explorers is an El Kadsreian sci-fi tokusatsu anthology series produced by El TV Kadsre Television and Toei Company Ltd. and it was part of the Technic Heroes franchise and it lasted from 1997 to 2004 as a follow-up to the three previous anthology series Fantastic Journies (1980-1986), Big Triangle (1986-1989) and Superaction! (1989-1997). The episode numbering however continued from Superaction!. However it spawned spin-offs such as Midgygiant (1998-2001), Olka-Olka (1999-2005), Lana X (2000-2003), Syphologac (2001-2006), Caxtroid (2001-2006), Megaloxel (2002-2004), Phantom Bolt (2002-2007), Shukutan (2003-2006), Troloxoder (2003-2011), and Genyzel (2004-2005).