Biantú is a multinational online services and software company from the Shun Empire. Biantú hosts and develops a series of services and products such as Binatú Maps , Biantú Translator ... based on the internet and generates a lot of profit mainly through advertising.


Biantú Home page before logging in.

First you enter Biantú.com. Then, when he does not have an account, he will display an ad to create an account at Biantú and save everything you search for (In History). If you have an account, you can already use or search anything on Biantú.

After logging in, 4 sites will appear on the main page. These 4 sites are the Biantú sites, a Toontuber , Qiwi e Aquawa, which are Biantú's owned companies.

VTE Biantú
Staple services

Maps | Translator | Images | News | Photos | Videos | Baike |

Biantú Play
Books | Games | Movies & TV | Developer Console

Biantú Properties
Toontuber | Aquawa | Qiwi

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