Big Triangle (stylized as BIG TRI▲NGLE) is an anthology television series produced by El TV Kadsre Television in association with Toei Company and it was aired from 1986 to 1989 and it was part of the Technic Heroes franchise, and it was considered a follow-up on their previous anthology, Fantastic Journies. The program, however, spawned various spin-offs such as Caught in the Act (sitcom, 1987-1991), Odysseio's Pawn (sitcom, 1988-1992), Instinct (drama, 1989-1990), Passions of Love (soap opera, 1989-2002), and Blood of Crack (horror, 1989-1991).



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Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
Pilot January 22, 1986
1 33 May 31, 1986 January 18, 1987
2 46 January 25, 1987 December 18, 1987
3 49 December 25, 1987 December 4, 1988
4 52 December 11, 1988 December 13, 1989

Season 1 (1986-1987)

Season 2 (1987)

Season 3 (1987-1988)

Season 4 (1988-1989)


Isamu Himura stars the host of Big Triangle named Triangular. With the exception of Triangular, the show has no recurring characters and features a wide array of guest stars, unlike Fantastic Journies. Toa Inika made their appearance in Season 1 of the show.


The show is well received by critics.


The show was canceled because it finished the final story.

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