Billings' Wild Kingdom is a regional amusement park & zoo located in Billings, Montana that is owned by Carwardine Parks.


The park opened in 1940 as a zoo known as "Billings' Wild Animal Kingdom" before being turned into a hybrid amusement park & zoo called "Billings' Wild Kingdom" in 1955, the park was purchased by Carwardine Parks in 1982.


Roller coasters

  • Canyon Buster (1982; An arrow mine train themed to a canyon, the same canyon building technique for the theming was also used for the entirety of Carwardine Canyon)
  • Donkey Kong's Coaster Country (1995; A CCI Wooden Coaster themed to Donkey Kong Country)
  • Double Dash Dueler (2004; A Premier Rides Launched Coaster themed to Mario Kart: Double Dash)
  • Roundabout (1987; A TOGO Ultra Twister)
  • Shark Coaster (2021; An Unknown Kiddie Coaster, relocated from Wonderland Eurasia)
  • Simpsons Road Trip Coaster (2022; A Zierer Force Two)
  • Time Machine (1993; A B&M Standup Coaster, got a floorless train in 2021 and the floorless train operates with one of the two standup trains)
  • Wild Mouse (2001; A Maurer Wild Mouse "Left" Model)
  • Virtual Coaster (1995; A Vekoma SLC that was previously themed to the then-new Virtual Boy with it's name and red/black paint scheme, but the connection was withdrawn in 1996 when the logo was changed, although the name and color scheme wasn't changed, although in 2020, it was repainted from red/black to purple/black)

Flat rides

  • Barnstormer (1998; A towering swing ride with airplanes, relocated from the original Opryland park)
  • Buckin' Bronco (1982; A Huss Swing Around ride)
  • Carousel (1982)
  • Mountain Canyon River (1989; An Intamin river rapids ride)
  • Scrambler (1982)

Kiddie rides

  • Care Bears Cloud Cars (2006; Zampelra Speedway ride)
  • Crazy Bus (2006; Zamperla Crazy Bus ride)
  • Rockin' Tugboat (2006; A Zamperla Rockin' Tug ride)
  • Stunt Cycles (1982; A Hampton kiddie umbrella ride with "jumping" motorcycles)

Billings' Wild Waters

Opened in 1999.

  • Bullets (1999; two ProSlide TurboTwisters completely enclosed in the dark, save for a few light holes)
  • Fort Carwardine (1999; an SCS water play tower with WhiteWater West slides, formerly known as Rainbow Tower and Color Tower)
  • Mario's Pipelines (1999; three ProSlide Pipelines completely enclosed in the dark, save for a few light holes)

Former Rides

Flat rides

  • Grand Falls (1985-1998; an Arrow Hydro Flume, demolished in 1998 to make way for Billings' Wild Waters)


  • Due to being located in Montana, this park has the lowest attendance of the Carwardine Dozen collection of parks.
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