Billings' Wild Kingdom is a regional amusement park & zoo located in Billings, Montana that is owned by Carwardine Parks.


Roller coasters

  • Canyon Buster (1982; An arrow mine train themed to a canyon, the same canyon building technique for the theming was also used for the entirety of Carwardine Canyon)
  • Double Dash Dueler (2004; A Premier Rides Launched Coaster themed to Mario Kart: Double Dash)
  • Roundabout (1987; A TOGO Ultra Twister)
  • Time Machine (1993; A B&M Standup Coaster)

Flat rides

  • Barnstormer (1998; A towering swing ride with airplanes, relocated from the original Opryland park)
  • Carousel (1982)
  • Mountain Canyon River (1988; An Intamin river rapids ride)
  • Scrambler (1982)

Kiddie rides

  • Crazy Bus
  • Rockin' Tugboat
  • Stunt Cycles (1982; A Hampton kiddie umbrella ride with "jumping" motorcycles)
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