Bimick is a fast food, sweets, snacks and Hispanic food chain in Brazil.  It is also internationally available in the United States, Canada, Tsuki, Japan, China, and Taiwan. The restaurant was founded in 1870 by Teodoro Bimick Mendes as a dessert stand.


Early years (1870 - 1896)

When Teodoro was a kid, he was never able to eat dessert as kid. He could only eat healthy food. So at the age of 12 he moved to make a dessert stand.

Founding (1896 - 1956)

When he became an adult he made it into a food chain. The first food chain was opened internationally in 1908 starting with the United States. Teodoro started selling Hispanic food, snacks, and desserts in 1917. TV were loaded into the fast food chain in 1934.

"The Takeover" (1956 - 1989)

Teodoro's brother Rogerio was jealous of the food chain and so did a crime at the first Bimick.

Teodoro began suing Rogerio because he was wrecking Bimick property. Rogerio was put in prison for 11 years deemed as gulity. After Teodoro's death in 1967, a few days later Rogerio was deemed the new owner.

In 1979, the 1st TV was set to air Pinwheel (Nick) and the 2nd Rede Globo.

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