Bionicle: Mask of Control is a video game released by El TV Kadsre Interactive Games and Seymour Games for TS-UGOS and Microsoft Windows on March 20, 1996 and is loosely based on Bionicle: The Next Generation.


The six Uniters and their Elemental Creatures traverse through the Labyrinth of Control as they face challenges on their quest to retrieve the Mask of Control.


Player can perform basic attacks by typing a A key for punching and typing a “S” key for kicking, along with combat moves depending on the direction prompt displayed (right for frontal, up for aerial, down for ground, left for ranged).

The Elemental Creature button can be activated by pressing Enter to summon a creature, whose damage can be boosted by pressing Space repeatly. Once the meter on the Elemental Creature button is charged, the player will cause the Toa to unite with their Elemental Creature into Unity Form.

Players can block attacks by pressing and holding the Shift button and dodge ranged attacks by tapping the prompt on time. Counter-attack moves can be performed by clickithe prompt in time to dodge and swiping the prompt to counter-attack with basic attacks, then having the ability to slide again to perform a power attack. Players can get back in the fight by tapping the prompt in time when given.

Clashes may occur between Toa and enemies, which can be won by pressing Enter repeating on the screen. Spider Swarm and Shadow Traps may occur randomly, which prompts the player to press left and right arrow keys repeatedly to free the Toa.

After winning battles, Crystal Shards are reward to the player to use to unlock skills.

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