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Bionicle VIII: The Final Battle (also known as Bionicle 8 and Bionicle Ignition 3: Battle for Power in Europe) is a 1988 Vlokuzuian kadsresatsu superhero film. It is the fourteenth Technic Heroes installment and the eighth Bionicle installment.

Bionicle VIII is listed on the Guinness World Records for both the most expensive movie and the longest Vlokozuian cinematic film to be released in theaters, peaking at 3 hours and 54 minutes.


In 1987, The Brotherhood of Makuta sent a team to cause chaos in Glonisla, turning its residents into Shadow Matoran. However, around the same time when Matoro sacrificed himself, the huge ray of light occurred, blinding the Makuta.

One year later, the Makuta decided to attack Glonisla again, but the Toa Nuva were teleported in the middle of the battle, complete with new adaptive armor which they received after completing several tasks in preparation for Mata Nui's reawakening and to finally complete their destiny.

Finding members of the Brotherhood of Makuta sent by Teridax battling a group of Matoran warriors, the heroes - equipped with the ability to fly thanks to new "adaptive" armor and weapons - split into two teams: Kopaka, Lewa and Pohatu remain in Glonisla to protect the Glonislan locals and free Darren Lange with help from Aquila, Em and Fred, while Tahu, Gali, and Onua descend south to the Eirabourne forest to retrieve the Kanohi Ignika previously worn by Matoro to heal the Great Spirit.

Kopaka's team receive support from three Av-Matoran (Matoran of Light) and a manifestation of the Mask of Life calling itself "Toa Ignika" while fighting a band of bat-like Makuta and their Shadow Matoran servants. Tahu's team, unaware that the Ignika is aiding the battle above, are threatened by three more Makuta, mutated by the waters of the swamp.

Meanwhile, Kouji is recruited by Brutaka to the Federation of Fear, which consists of Roodaka, Takadox, Carapar, Vezon, Spiriah and later Lariska. They first arrive at Zakaz, where they're attacked by Zyglak and then Tren Krom island, where Carapar is killed and Takadox abandons their team and finally headed to Aritax to free Makuta Miserix.

Both groups reunite outside the Codrex, a giant metal sphere that sits at the swamp's center, after retrieving six keystones to open it. Inside, the Toa discover powerful battle vehicles among ancient technology as well as the origins to their lives before arriving on El Kadsre City. The heroes use the vehicles in a final all-out battle against the Brotherhood and receive help from a half-light drained Takanuva who also manages to turn the Shadow Matoran back to their former states. Later, the Toa Ignika sacrifices itself to awaken Mata Nui, causing an energy storm that the Toa and Av-Matoran narrowly escape.

The Makuta, however, realizing that Teridax had, in fact, sent them to their deaths, are obliterated by the storm. Thanks to the Ignika's actions, the physical form of Mata Nui rises from beneath the Pacific Ocean for the first time in 1,000 years, destroying the the islands in the Paicifc Ocean lying on him in the process.

The Toa Nuva and Takanuva arrive back in El Kadsre City to join the celebrations of Mata Nui's reawakening with the people and Turaga in the Grand El Kadsre Stadium. But in the midst of the festivity, Teridax's laughter echoes throughout the city. The Makuta, thought to be long since dead, reveals that he has taken over Mata Nui's body - the giant robotic humanoid vessel that houses the entire Matoran Universe - before Mata Nui's spirit could return. As his reign of terror begins, Teridax seals his victory by placing Mata Nui's spirit inside the Mask of Life and ejecting it into outer-space, sending the former Great Spirit on a journey into the unknown.

Eventually, Aquila Hadaway runs on the stadium ground to meet up with Tahu with Kouji going after her, who reveals a secret to him that she has not told anyone. She transforms into her cat form, Aqua, and admits that when she was a child, Icarax cursed her to be a shapeshifter with a main cat form after her childhood pet cat damaged an artifact from his childhood. Aqua tells Tahu to believe in himself, which gives him the confidence to get the other Toa Nuva to help stop Teridax.



The film had the budget of $175 million and it was the most expensive Vlokozuian film of 1988 and adjusted for inflation, the one of the most expensive movies ever made. As the result, it maded its way in the 1989 edition of the Guiness Book of Records. The idea of Aquila being a shapeshifter was created by Gim so she could pander the franchise to the furry community to get a bigger audience.

El TV Kadsre was acquired by MCA during production of the film. The first half of the film was made with Toei while the second half of the film was made with Universal Studios, although Universal was uncredited in the film.

The film was originally going to have Dirk Brant aka. Akimu, the Toa of Shadows as the main antagonist of the film, but was removed after Dani Wolters couldn't came to the agreement to the producers regarding his salary, although he was interested in reprising his role when he was asked to reprise his role.


The movie was filmed from April 3 to September 29, 1987. Filming took place in El Kadsre City, Glonisla, Eirabourne, Abeta, Kuka, Tugaganda, and the Vloksville quarry.


The film was released on VHS in El Kadsre by El TV Kadsre Home Video in October 1, 1988 and in the United States thrice: first by MCA Home Video in 1988 and 1995, again by CBS/FOX Video in 1989. The film was also released on DVD in El Kadsre in 1997 and Videocard in 2001.

Lionsgate re-released the film on DVD and Blu-Ray in the United States under it's revival of the Vestron Video label in 2018. The release also comes in a double feature version with Aqua: Feline Shifter.

An El Kadsreian DVD release contained within a birthday card was issued by El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment and PartyPlannerz in 2015.


The film swept the VAC Awards fourth time in the row, including two of the actors, Brock Baker and Nobuyo Ōyama, being nominated for and winning the Best Supporting Actor award respectively, and Naoki Takenaka winning the Best Young Artist award in a tie with Corbin Berger's performance in Justice For All: Part II. Brock arrived with Kenny Cameron and Pasi at the award ceremony, held at the Stuartsville Fairgrounds, in the El Kadsreian Firestorm monster truck.


Year Award Recipients Result
VAC Award for Best Film Pasi Peure Won
VAC Award for Best Supporting Actor Brock Baker Nominated
Nobuyo Ōyama Won
VAC Award for Best Stunt Performer Alger Black Nominated
VAC Award for Best Automobile Stunts Kenny Cameron Won
VAC Award for Best Stunt Team The Crazy Lads Stunt Show Won
VAC Award for Best Young Artist Naoki Takenaka
(Tie with Corbin Berger for Justice For All: Part II)


The movie has received with mixed to positive reviews from critics.