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A El TV Kadsre Films Production

In Association With:
Toei Company and Lumi Pictures


Concept Headed By:
Pasi Peure and Sung Gim
From an invention of Elkan Boukough

Executive Produced By:
Qasim Amjad

Production Managed By:
David Gim
Holly Mann
Maja Prebensen
René Matsushige-Gim

Music by:
Ryota Yamada and Rinava
Studios: The Tool Shed, El Kadsre City

Director of Photography:
Dave Bromley

Art Director:
Jacob Burquet

Produced by:
Takima Susima

Written by:
Sung Gim

Directed by:
Pasi Peure



A Peure/Gim Production

Starring the Acting Talents of:
Hideki Hamasaki as Jiro Fujioka/Tahu
Jonacus Reinder as Adam Jullen/Kopaka
Yasi Tanaka as Hana Fujioka/Gali
Sylvester Jalen as Andrea Hashimoto/Lewa
Hank Jeroem as Mick Kendal/Pohatu
Dean Norman as Jarrod Baxter/Onua
Freddie Derricks as Makuta Antroz
Gary Stewart as Makuta Chirox
Aden Minami as Makuta Krika
Larrie Mathews as Makuta Bitil
Sheenagh Levitt as Makuta Gorast
Harve Bachchan as Brutaka
Glen Whinery as Makuta Spiriah
Terrence Nash as Carapar
Yoko Mizushima as Roodaka
Kenta Hisakawa as Takadox and Vezon
Manuela Șerban as Lariska
Halcyone Ferrara as Aquila Hadaway/Aqua
August Andreasen as Darren Lange
Ryouchi Andrews as Kouji Nishimura
Curtis Tirrell as Kirop
Gyles Mynatt as Gavla
Stéphane Archambault as Photok
Coty Hodges as Radiak
Langdon Fisher as Solek
Brock Baker as Tanma
Andy Wilson as Jamie Howard/Takanuva
Goro Yukimura as Toa Ignika
Eustace Merrill as Makuta Icarax
Hiraku Kimura as Makuta Mutran
Taro Yamada as Fred Tamashi
Kruku Makusa as Em Yoshimura
Yuki Hayashi as Susimo Maximiro
Missy Jones as Keisha B. Kendal
Nobuyo Ōyama as Erika Fujioka
Gary Busey as Man in Glonisla Shopping Mall
Naoki Takenaka as Sachiko Kato

Costume Designer:
Susumu Bramley

Casting by:
Holt Casting Services Ltd.

Cast Coordinated by:
Jarrod Paine

Voice Direction for
The Various Creatures by:
Christopher Berger
Jade Ray

Rinava are:
Ryu Judoku
Ken Wasabe
Kouki Ueda
Kenelm Clarkson
Jaylin Rounds
Brendon Parker

Rinava Thanks:

Audio Studios:
Returned and Services League
Power Network
The Tool Shed

Filming Studio:
El TV Kadsre Television Centre - El Kadsre City

Film Development:
Regal Group Labs - El Kadsre City

Telecine Colorization:
TeleVision Group Eirabourne Ltd.

Stunts Coordinated by:
George Duncan James

Stunt Performers:
Alger Black
George Woo-Jiao
Maria Gillman-Sanchez
Dennis Juan Jimenez
Marcel Jean-Perron

Automobile Stunts:
Alger Black
Kenny Cameron
Paul Russell
Kenny Love
Brian Carson

All of the Special Effects Sequences
Supervised and Directed by:
Andrew Oaks

Stop-Motion Animation:
Mini-Mation Films

CGI Animation Produced and Animated by:

CiGiWOW Render Farms Operated by:
Dennis & Leon Jamison

CCGG Render Farms Operated by:
April Key

Animation by:
The CiGiWOW Animation Team
(Dennis Jamison, Jim Corbin David, Juan de Silva, Maurecia Aichi, Gérard Subercaseaux)
The CCGG Animation Team
(Hiro Jones-Yamada, Deven Mann, April Key, Burnji Yarran)

Pyrotechnic Effects and Automobile Stunts
Set Up and Choreographed by:
The Crazy Lads Stunt Show
Special Thanks to Bruce D., KoKo the Killa Klown, and Captain Cockadoodledoo
For Their Quality Live Special Effects Work

Sound Effects by:
Ronald Jenkins

Prints by:

Prints Shipped by:
Vlokozuian Film Shippers Ltd.

Filmed in Eskque® UltraVision 80

Promotional assistance provided by:

This motion picture (c) MCMLXXXVIII El TV Kadsre Television Network
Screenplay (c) MCMLXXXVIII El TV Kadsre Television Network
Original score (c) MCMLXXXVIII El TV Kadsre Records

The story, as well as all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this film production is fictitious and no people, buildings, places and products are intended or should be interfered.


An MCA Company

with production assistance by




Distributed by
Miramax Films Alternate.svg

(Bob and Harvey Weinstein)

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