Bisaj Ali (Bengali: বিষয় আলী 3 January 1983 - ?) is a Bangladeshi-Karukadi novelist, poet and translator. Bisaj Ali produced more than ten books series and seven books of his poems collections. He's one of the first person from Bangladesh and Karunkadan to win the Elhari Book Award and a key inspiration for the Karunk language.

Early life & Education

Bisaj Ali was born in poor urbans part from Chittagong in 3rd January 1983 and raised by his mother. After the divorce from Ali's parents, Bisaj Ali moved to Karunkadan with his mother with the age of 6 years old in the small city of Kytulh. He got the permission to go in the private school from Kythulh's city school and do his secondary education as well in Kythulh's Gymnasium school.

With 19 years old in 2002, he continued his education in the Halufrar University, he won the right for his first short written story to be published in the new Book's Written News in the university. Since his short story got a massive sucess, Basij Ali started to write his first Novel Book : Blinded.

Later, in 2007, after Aleer Yasamr becoming the main monarch of the country, Bisaj Ali gets by the new laws the country's nationality and the right of being considered as "citizen" of Karunkadan.

Original works


Bisaj Ali is considered of the most "original novelist" in Karunkadan. After he published his first books Blinded and Little Letter, his two books got translated in 34 languages, in Asia, in 2007.

During his career, when he started his new book Whose Light Livesin 2010, he met and became close friend with Xavier Morales, a spanish translator who was interested on his works and started to help him through Bisaj Ali's novels and poems publication in Spain and in Europe. After he created fews books and published his novel Whose Light Livesin 2012, the novel got more than 60 languages translation with the help of Xavier Morales and from other book publishers company around the world.

Bisaj Ali always make his novels in Bengali and translate in the original Karunk language, for show the origins of the country's language and specially made for teenager and adult people.


Bisaj Ali got always inspired from the Islam and Eufreit religion for do his poems, he started to write when he was in the Kythulh's Gymnasium school with the age of 16 years old. His poems are mostly composed of persons' beliefs spirit in the religions in the lyric poetry type inspired from his languages courses in the school.

Fanding Spirit  remains one of Bisaj Ali's best poem for show a "close relationship" between the Eufreit and Islam religions and his sincere experiences with the people around him through the religions courses, the poem got translated more than 60 languages around the world.


  • Win the Elhari Book Award for the best Novel Whose Light Lives in 2012.
  • Win the SAARC Literary Award for the best written poem in 2019.

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