"Bisland" Also known as the "Republic of Bisland" is a tiny centern country located at the Northwestern part of Mercury, Bisland and it's neighbor country Kuperia (Named after Kuiper, the current era of Mercury) are the only countries existing on Mercury, even though Kuperia is very diverse in terms of culture and ethnies.


Colonization (2982)

During the New World Order, the great Emperor Salomid Spasitel' terraformed Earth's neighbor planets and colonized each one of them, thus leading to the birth of Bisland, under a Gallomarch regime.

"Role" in World War 3

During the end of World War 3 and the war on Mars to annihilate Gallomarchy, while Venus surrender to the United Nations Fighting for Freedom (UNFF), Mercury only give up on Gallomarchy and both Bisland and Kuperia end up under a neutral democratic republic, though still holding Gallomarch ideas.

The discovering

During the year 3004, certain researches have founded out about Mercury being populated as well by humans, many Mercurians have been asked their thoughts about Gallomarchy and only 10% approved their ideas, Kuperia and Bisland are now great partners with Earth and Venus in terms of economy and military.


The climate in Bisland is cold enough, summers tend to bring average temperatures, and winters being very cold, but fortunately not enough to be dangerous.


Bislandese people tend to be more religious than their Kuperian counterparts.

Bolstad is the religious capital of the Mercury.

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