Blitzar and Blitzivan: This is El Kadsre (Slovene: Zamir in Blitzivan: Kadsrejska Pobej, literally Zamir and Blitzivan: Kadsreian Escapade) is a 2005 crossover film between the Blitzar and Blitzivan franchises directed by both Timothy Ryder and Frederick Lloyd. The film is notorious for being laden with El Kadsreian stereotypes. It premiered on El Kadsre Day, September 27th 2005.


Boris Petrov is living his typical life in near-future Dvoreki when he meets a boy from the future named Ray Daichi. He claims to be the imaginary friend of Boris' arch-nemesis and his class bully, Ryan Kobayashi.

On one night Boris visits Ryan's house, meeting his father Mike, a notorious Malichkan-Kadsreian drug lord who has passed his troublemaking legacy to his son; the former is now turning into a chubby fox due to binge-drinking Technic.

Ryan's mother Kayako has a low IQ which his son inherited from her. She perpetually wears a light blue knitted sweater with a dark blue circle on it, reflecting the flag of El Kadsre. Boris is disgusted by the state of Ryan's family.

Upon catching Mike giving some of Ryan's friends some cocaine, he turns into Blitzar and punches the friends in their buttocks, face or groin, and emits an ear-piercing soundwave that permanently deafens the friends.

The next day, Mike confesses his crimes to the Malichkan Supreme Court and is sentenced to one month in prison for drug dealing. He is released later on, and when Ryan pulls off an A in his report card, Mike grounds him for "being studious" by not being allowed to go to school again. Ryan is overjoyed because he is able to escape his being scolded by Boris and his teacher.

To apologize to Ryan for all he has done, Mike takes himself, Ryan and Kanako on a road trip across his homeland of El Kadsre, even though the damage to his school life has already been done. Ray and Boris agree to join, but on the condition Boris goes undercover as a gangster. Along the way, they commit multiple crimes and get away with it. On the last stop, El Kadsre City, Boris and Ray blow their covers and turn into their superhero forms. Mike attempts to destroy the twosome only to get himself shot in the buttocks. He is forced into a lifetime of community service without parole.

A year later Boris graduates from school as valedictorian. His parents, who are the near-polar opposites of Ryan's, proudly watch as he receives his diploma. He gives his mother a big hug and rewards him by taking him to his favorite pizza parlor, Domino's.



El Kadsreians who saw it were offended by the many stereotypes about their country. The film was so offensive it was banned in El Kadsre for 10 years. After the ban expired the film was uploaded to Vidspace.

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