Blitzivan: Rebirth is an upcoming 2020 El Kadsreian science-fiction action kadsresatsu superhero film directed by Max Axis, written by Max Axis and Akira Hisashi, and to be released by El TV Kadsre Films and Silver Bullet Pictures. It is the 6th installment in the Blitzivan film series, but the 21st installment in the franchise.

The film is set to be released in July of 2020.


"After a long year's rest. Blitzivan, Mirai City's greatest hero, will be called upon yet again in order to solve a case involving an energy drink. Things will began to go spiral outta control when he discovers the company who made the drink and it's darkest secret yet."
- The film's official synopsis


  • Patrick Cruz as Ray Daichi/Blitzivan
    • Seiji Takaiwa as Blitzivan (suit)
  • Paulina Tan as Ivy Daichi
  • Luiz Gallaga as Larrix Hontrrealis
  • Takahiro Naegi as Poron-Poron
  • Minori Rikona as Jariak



In 2017, after the release of Blitzivan: 20 Years Later, writer and director Max Axis has stated that he'll take a break from making Blitzivan films in order to write new and original films, which was the reason on why Matt Lee wrote all future Blitzivan films after 20 Years Later, though Akira Hisahi did co-write the films, and that both Jun'ya Ohta and Max Axis returned to write Blitzivan X Touhou Project 2.

In August of 2019, Silver Bullet Pictures announced that Max Axis and Akira Hashi would reunite to direct the next film in the Blitzivan film series, and revealed the film's official title Blitzivan: Rebirth. Fans speculated that the film was a reboot in the series, upsetting many fans, but Max quickly responded on social media that, while the film's title does sound like it's a reboot, the film would follow all the events that happend after Blitzivan X Touhou Project 2.


Principal photography began on June 2018 and finished in August 2019.


The film's visual effects will be provided by Fuse Special Effects and Superview, making it the first film in the Blitzivan film series not to have Zecter Media handle the visual effects. Max Axis stated that the film will still have practical effects and in-camera stunts.


Hiroshi Naoyuki was confirmed to return to compose the film's soundtrack, while the Houkish electric duo Tennjo Duo Project was also confirmed to composed most of the insert themes for the film.


Blitzivan: Rebirth was to be released on July 2020 in theaters in El Kadsre, but it was instead going to be released as El TV Player exclusive due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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