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Blitzivan: The Ultimate Collection is a 2-disc compilation boxset containing all 17 films from the Blitzivan franchise, including a bonus disc that contains bonus material. It was released on September 10, 2017, to coincide with the release of Blitzivan: 20 Years Later, which was released 2 days earlier.


You've seen him save the world from evil. You've seen him team up with allies that you've never thought he'll do. But now, get ready to witness Blitzivan's adventures again, all in one package! This 1-disc DVD boxset contains all of Blitzivan's films, digitally restored and remastered to perfection! This set also includes a bonus disc that contains extra content including commentaries, behind the scenes breakdowns, animatics, and more! So hop on to your Hypercycle and put on your trusty NeoArmor for a never-ending ride of action, comedy, and visual effects-filled extravaganza!