Blitzivan 2: Type Overload is a 2000 action-adventure open-world game based on the film of the same name, while also incorporating an original plot exclusive to the game. Published by El TV Kadsre Interactive Games, the game was developed by Kaoru Digital, making it their first video game in the Blitzivan franchise to be developed as the main tie-in game.

The game was released on June 26, 2000, for the Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation and Theorysonic Pyramid, followed by the PC, TS-UGOS and Mac OS versions, which were both released in the same year.


The game allows the player to freely roam around Mirai City, and the player can choose to have Blitzivan fly or use his Hypercycle. The PC, TS-UGOS, and Mac OS ports of Blitzivan 2 expanded upon the open-world setting by expanding the Neo Paniki's headquarters and extending the game's final battle sequence.

The enemies of the game, the armored troopers, carries an assortment of weapons including laser rifles, knockout missiles, and shoulder blades, while the villains and some types of enemies have their various unique powers to take down Blitzivan. When the player finishes the game at 100%, the player can unlock a new story mode exclusive to the game where the Neo Paniki members escape the prison and are planning a revenge scheme.

The player can choose either to go with the main storyline or explore the city. The PC, TS-UGOS and Mac OS versions included modding support that allows fans to completely replace the game's player models, as well as create new characters, new missions, and create new maps.


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