Block 2 Warehouse is a El Kadsreian chain of discount retail stores, similar to Building 19 and Ollie's Bargain Outlet in the United States.

The chain deals in selling merchandise at discounted prices, with the company acquiring much of it's merchandise from fire sales, overstocks, customs seizures, liquidations, bankruptcy courts, and estate sales/liquidations. However, Block 2 also offers new merchandise such as their private label "Caden & Pauly's" brand.


The company was founded in 1975 by New Zealand immigrants Caden Revill (a relative of character actor Clive Revill) and Pauly Taumata in South Comoeys City. The first Block 2 Warehouse was located in the former Ayn Rand Apartments Compound, where each block of apartments/flats was numbered as "Block [number]", and the store retained the nondescript name on the building rather than pay for a new sign. Revill and Taumata began the business to sell items acquired from the estate sale of a local millionaire and the liquidation of a department store's warehouse in Capulco.

In 1978, Block 2 Warehouse opened two locations at the GM Mall of Kadsreius in El Kadsre City and in a former hangar at the abandoned Cicmpillici Army Airfield in Cicmpillici (then named Vloksville).

Block 2 Warehouse opened locations in Glonisla, Eirabourne, and North Comoeys City in 1982.

Caden & Pauly's

Caden & Pauly's is the private label used by Block 2 since 1987 for some of their new merchandise. Household items for the Caden & Pauly's label are made in China whilst food items for the label are made in Portugal and Thailand.

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