Blockfield map

map of the city

Blockfleid is a city in Robloxia. Its the 3rd largest city in Robloxia. Blockfleid was founded in 1798 as a small port in the northeast of Robloxia in order to increase trades with neighboring countries. Due to its location and stable climate, the port became a permanent settlement soon attracting hundreds of new settlers from the entire country. Over the years the city grew from being a small seaport in North Robloxia into one of the largest cites in the country. Eventually over a period of several decades in the 20th century several, impressive skyscrapers along with a highly developed highway system linking the city to places all over Robloxia were constructed in Blockfleid and due to the relatively pleasant climate that the city offers several hotels were built and beaches were opened Blockflied lies on the north eastern coast of Robloxia 722 miles (1,155 km), south east of New Bloxington about 2,026 miles (3,242 km) north of Robloxia City and 3,302 miles (5,283 km) south east of New Lincoln the northernmost city in the entire country.

The city lies directly beside the coast but extends about thirty miles inland where the terrain slowly becomes higher as you near the Yellowbrick Valley which results in serval suburbs of the city being built on hills. The city also built beside an inactive fault line which was discovered in early 1998. Scientists estimate that the New Brickson Fault has last ruptured in 1630 way before.

Blockfleid was founded creating an earthquake that measured 8.7 on the Richter Scale. Blockfleid climate is continental making the summer's quite warm and the winters very cold. The highest reported temperature in Blockfleid was 104F recorded in July 1986 while the lowest temperature is 32F recorded in January 2002.

Severe weather can happen durning the summer months with thunderstorms being a frequent occurrence. The last tornado happen in 2008 when an EFO touched down North Coast International Airport main runway. The tornado travelled almost a mile before dissipating near Highway 58.

The Summer of 2008 was notable for being one of the warmest summers the city has ever witnessed and was also notable for bringing very serve weather to parts of north Robloxia The city of Blockfleid has several means of transportation allowing easy access to various locations in and around the city Blockfleid highways are very developed and allow to access between the city and other places in Robloxia including Stromburg Amaxon New Bloxington Robloxia City and East Robloxiwood and Yellowbrick however they can get very congested especially durning rush hour Blockfleid also has a train station which links it to various places across Robloxia along with a large international airport which lies about 10 miles east from downtown North Coast Intl is one of the largest airports in Robloxia and has links to several destinations across the Robloxian world

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