Blocky the Rock (typically referred to simply Blocky) is a fictional character created by Kuboian television presenter Ericka Streets. He served as a puppet character and one of the mascots for the television channel KT from 1999 to 2008.


The original Blocky the Rock stuffed toy was a toy Ericka had as a baby and would sleep with at night.

Blocky made his debut on KT in July 1999, and appeared alongside other generic unnamed animal puppets before they were mostly phased out in favour of Blocky being the main mascot. Like Tack the Rat, he could not speak, but was capable of making sounds. The Blocky toy used for KT differs from the original as it had a movable mouth and eyelids.

Following the introduction of Orange the Owl in 2003 and Ms. Tulip in 2005, Blocky remained on-air, but had his prominence significantly decreased. From 2005, he usually only appeared in continuity links that featured Ericka, or in links that featured all the puppets.

After KT closed in 2008, the Blocky the Rock plush used for KT was handed over to Ericka Streets. Following the death of Ericka in 2010, both the original and KT plush toys have been held by her family.

Voice actor

Like the other KT puppets, Blocky did not have one particular voice actor. His sound effects would always be performed by a worker backstage. Unlike Ms. Tulip and Orange the Owl, who had around three different recurring voice actors, Blocky had roughly eight.

Video games

Cancelled platformer video game

In 2002, Ericka revealed that a video game starring Blocky would be released for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. It was later revealed to be a platformer which involved defeating enemies by crushing them. A demo of the game was shown for the first time on Superbus in May 2003. Later that year, however, Ericka revealed the game was cancelled as she was dissatisfied with the direction the designers of the game took, and was having difficulty finding a publisher.

Blocky's Big Jam (2006)

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