• SamuelSonicMCSM231467

    Should I change the Frincreiland flag?

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  • Finnbross

    on August 12, 2019, Disney+ Gau was launched but lacked some titles (like The Simpsons, Big Hero 6: The Series and Captain Marvel), due to Netflix Gau still steaming these titles, here is the list of Disney titles available on Netflix Gau but not on Disney+ Gau:

    • The Simpsons (Season 1-30) (first added on 2007, to leave Netflix on 2057)
    • Big Hero 6: The Series (Season 1) (first added on April 1, 2019, to leave Netflix on October 1, 2020)
    • Amphibia (Season 1) (first added on February 1, 2020, to leave Netflix on August 1, 2021) (it cause major uproar among Disney+ Gau users, causing moving back to Netflix to watch Amphibia)
    • Captain Marvel (2019) (first added on August 5, 2019, to leave Netflix on 2024)
    • Dumbo (2019) (first added on August 16, 2019, …
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    • IVT SeXtreme Networks
    • IVT SeXtreme Pride
    • IVT SeXtreme Soft


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  • JedidiahCudby

    100: Sonna Koto Nai Yo by Hinatazaka46

    99: Teenager Forever by King Gnu

    98: Dancing in The Clouds by The Triplets

    97: Memories by Maroon 5

    96: From Zero to Hero by Sarah Connor

    95: Closer by The Chainsmokers

    94: White Noise by The Living End

    93: Filter by BTS

    92: The Roots by Rinava

    91: Love Love Love by Dreams Come True

    90: Heaven by DJ Sammy

    89: I Want You by Savage Garden

    88: Gangsta Paradise by Coolio feat. L.V.

    87: Got a Guy by Flavia

    86: Move Along by The All-American Rejects

    85: Senorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

    84: Run by Joji

    83: Dance the Night Away by TWICE

    82: Blueberry Forest by DJ Earthworm Jim

    81: Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz

    80: Uma to Shika by Kenshi Yonezu

    79: Straight Lines by Silverchair

    78: Let Her Go by Passenger

    77: Godzilla by Emi…

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  • Motleycat74

    Assistance required

    March 12, 2020 by Motleycat74

    This is probably unimportant to some or most of you, but can you guys think of tentative release dates for these two projects relating to the 2012 Littlest Pet Shop animated series?

    • Littlest Pet Shop: Life on the Street
    • A Death in the Pet Shop
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  • Finnbross

    last late February 2020, Netflix released its new feature, Top 10, where it features top 10 popular titles.

    much like Netflix, this list will update daily

    1. Spenser Confidential
    2. The Simpsons
    3. Kingdom
    4. Tamagotchi!
    5. Paradise PD
    6. How I Met Your Mother
    7. The Angry Birds Movie 2
    8. Castlevania
    9. Ozark
    10. Stranger Things

    1. The Simpsons
    2. Kingdom
    3. Tamagotchi!
    4. Paradise PD
    5. How I Met Your Mother
    6. Castlevania
    7. Ozark
    8. Stranger Things
    9. Beastars
    10. Big Hero 6: The Series (one of last Disney titles on Netflix Gau)

    1. Spenser Confidential
    2. The Angry Birds Movie 2
    3. Spirited Away
    4. All the Bright Places
    5. Horse Girl
    6. The Wizard (1989)
    7. Back to the Future Part 3
    8. Tamagotchi: The Movie
    9. Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood
    10. Contagion

    1. Paradise PD
    2. Kingdom
    3. Selfie with Friends
    4. Spenser Confidential
    5. Tamagotchi!
    6. The Scratch OC Girl who refused to …

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  • GD fans

    Ganna work

    March 10, 2020 by GD fans

    Gannna work on scotpedia 

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    IVT SeXtreme

    March 10, 2020 by NETBLOXIA


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  • TwilightPeak

    I'm taking 5 requests for maps of your country/territory, here are the rules:

    -Please, please no overly complicated details. I do not have editing skills that advanced, and to be frank, I do not consider myself as an expert in any way of mapmaking for countries, the best I can do is probably this:

    -I won't be making a map for a country that is offensive.

    -Do not rush me.

    The blue part is where I added a fictional blob of territory.

    If you want a fictional map from me, describe what you want in the comments.

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  • Luciano Existe

    Quebec is an actual country in this universe

    To be honest, I'm planning to do the following countries too:





    Standard Korea

    BONUS: Mato Grosso Do Norte

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  • GD fans


    March 6, 2020 by GD fans
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  • GD fans


    March 2, 2020 by GD fans

    Can blone island join the United El Kadsreian Nations

    yes or no

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  • Luciano Existe

    Today Is My Birthday

    February 29, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    I'm making 16 and 4 years today

    (If you didn't get it, remember, today is 2/29)

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  • Izaallan1225

    Our upcoming fanmade/or real cartoons in Netflix

    • Centaurworld
    • Object Wasteland
    • Cartoon Frenzy
    • Dallas and the Love Bottle
    • Kid Cosmic
    • Shantae
    • Cat Girl: Without Salad
    • Firey: Coast to Coast revival
    • Medal on the Run
    • Out of Shape
    • Gacha Life

    If you want to request one, Then I'll add to my blog post!

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  • GD fans

    Need help

    February 28, 2020 by GD fans

    I need help with the info box the info box was hard for me can somebody help me out page: blone island

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  • Motleycat74

    Who do you think should write and direct The Personification of All That is Biskit?

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  • GD fans


    February 22, 2020 by GD fans

    We reach 20,000 pages

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  • Motleycat74

    As of right now, I am currently wagering on this to be the official BBFC certificate for The Personification of All That is Biskit. I'm contemplating on whether or not I should make the 12A version a slightly truncated print for UK cinema releases.

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  • Timebomb192potato

    This is purely opinion-based and was meant to explain my preferences.

    • Yuru-charaia (I don't want it to be canon)
    • Scratchia
    • Unikingdom
    • Pure Heart Valley
    • Mushroom Kingdom
    • All Gallomarchy countries
    • Quebec (free) (apologies to Luciano Existe)
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  • Jimmy4164 on Wikia

    YinYangia, despite recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, officially rejected the US MidEast Plan. James K. Andrea, the president of YinYangia, officially stated that East Jerusalem at least should be placed as the capital of the future independent Palestinian state.

    He states that "The plan could've been successful if Trump and Netanyahu used the pre-1967 borders, and also, the illegal Israeli settlements in West Bank shall be removed, and it could've been better if Jerusalem would be the capital of two states. West Jerusalem shall be granted to Israel, meanwhile the East should be part of Palestine, even including the Old City and the Muslim Quarter."

    YinYangia officially withdrew the claim of Gaza Strip and started to recognize P…

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  • Daniharut

    How do you guys in Dream Fiction Wiki make flags with?

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  • Luciano Existe

    A new era

    February 11, 2020 by Luciano Existe


    What if I'm starting a new era?

    Yeah, this era is based on these four elements


    Queen (Fast Food)

    Roman Islands

    Toon Toon

    Victoria finally got recognized as a good page, as being awarded as a featured page in February 2020! I love you'll guys!

    I'm going to evolute Victoria so much not just in I.E.P. Fanon,but here in Dream Fiction, Dream Logos and even Dream Incubator

    I was playing Papa's Cheeseria with Lúcia (My adoptive older sister) and Lucas (My younger brother) and I thinked on creating a page here on DFW, it will be the center of my acts on this wiki, I even created a wiki of it!

    I started to have Spanish (and French) classes at my school yesterday (I'm currently on High 1st Grade) and I thinked on creating a country that speaked a…

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  • Daniharut

    I need some help.

    February 8, 2020 by Daniharut

    What should I do before making anything related to the El Kadsreian Islands?

    1: Ask Blue91233 permission before making them?

    2: Just make them anyway?

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    If anybody wants their country or channel to broadcast O RLY?, they may do so.

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  • Nintendon't

    Now, why don't we edit now?

    Also i will take care of the wiki until one of the other admins or the founder does something with the wiki!

    Edit: Actually, most of the other language DFW wikis are! We must of been confused by the link change.

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  • 289Kid

    Indosa Flag Contest

    February 1, 2020 by 289Kid

    Send your flags in the comments! Deadline is on February 8. 2020.

    There was only one flag submission. It will go head to head against the current Indosan flag. Deadline to vote is Febuary 10, 2020

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    O RLY?

    January 30, 2020 by NETBLOXIA

    yes rly

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  • TheFreakingIslandShit

    I bought a bunch of potions, here are the ingredients, Autoblock Removal powder, water, sugar, syrup, yellow food colouring.

    Time to drink it

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  • Luciano Existe

    Before someone ask

    January 23, 2020 by Luciano Existe

    I'm actually transgender, surprisly, I fell comfortable being reffered as "they" instead of "he" I started when I was 8 or 9 (I don't remember) but finished with 14 (except for certain parts)

    Anyways, I know I'm still one, I hope you guys enjoyed it

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  • Nintendon't

    Sonic Movie?

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  • Nintendon't

    important regret

    January 19, 2020 by Nintendon't

    i'm the only person on here to regret my past self

    • aka 2018
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  • Daniharut

    What is your favorite Dream Fiction country so far?

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  • TheRedZone


    January 11, 2020 by TheRedZone
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  • PenelopeScott3315

    I'm back!

    January 2, 2020 by PenelopeScott3315

    What a 2 months it has been! I got a new gaming desktop, I had my second hiatus period, and I spent Christmas with my family!

    Anyways, I'm back for the new year/decade!

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  • Luciano Existe

    The day was 4/20/2002, it was 8:37 AM, the block Carnival of Toons was airing, to be more specific, SpongeBob SquarePants was airing, on the middle of the episode, BN Praquem interrupted the episode to say that Sjava's religion was banned for "promoving non-theism"

    The interruption shocked over 1,5 Million kids watching Praquem Canal, more informations were shown on Noticias1

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  • Nintendon't

    Note to all of yous

    January 1, 2020 by Nintendon't

    Sorry for being inactive, i'm working on a SMW rom hack.

    p.s. happy new year.

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  • Eloc08

    Welcome to the future!

    January 1, 2020 by Eloc08

    I finished a full decade from start to end!

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  • GCServerNetwork

    Redvale TV

    December 27, 2019 by GCServerNetwork

    Hi there. I might actually assign some people here at this wiki to manage the privately-owned broadcasters, namely English-language RITV and RITV Two, and French-language TVC and TVC2. If you want to manage, please let me know your Discord usernames so that I can observe your DFW activity.

    NOTE: No one besides me is allowed to manage the RBC, as I own Redvale and RBC (and French counterpart SRV) is state-owned.

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  • BrackenfurBFB


    December 26, 2019 by BrackenfurBFB

    Every country in the Eurafrican Archipelago (except for the Atlantic Republic, Cape Cascara, and Zygonda) is up for adoption. The reason is simple; I haven't done much with them. Comment down below if you want to adopt one, and you'll get the rights to it.

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  • Nintendon't

    Can someone make a Ryau wiki?

    P.S make me bureacrat there too.

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  • 289Kid

    • 10: Last Christmas by Wham!
    • Last Week: 24
    • Peak: 7
    • Weeks On: 90
    • 9: Circles by Post Malone
    • Last Week: 10
    • Peak: 1
    • Weeks On: 15
    • 8: BOP by DaBaby
    • Last Week: 12
    • Peak: 8
    • Weeks On: 8
    • 7: Panini by Lil Nas X
    • Last Week: 4
    • Peak: 4
    • Weeks On: 25
    • 6: Bandit by Juice WRLD
    • Last Week: 9
    • Peak: 6
    • Weeks On: 9
    • 5: All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
    • Last Week: 9
    • Peak: 2
    • Weeks On: 90
    • 4: You're Our Queen by The Triplets
    • Last Week: 5
    • Peak: 4
    • Weeks On: 13
    • 3: Follow God by Kanye West
    • Last Week: 1
    • Peak: 1 (x4)
    • Weeks On: 7
    • 2: Don't Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande
    • Last Week: 3
    • Peak: 2
    • Weeks On: 9
    • 1: Highest in the Room by Travis Scott
    • Last Week: 2
    • Peak: 1
    • Weeks On: 8

    • 10: Lalala by Y2K
    • Last Week: 13
    • Peak: 6
    • Weeks On: 10
    • 9: Follow God by Kanye West
    • Last Week: 3
    • Peak: 1 (x4)
    • Weeks On: 8
    • 8: Last Christmas by Wh…

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  • 289Kid


    December 25, 2019 by 289Kid

    Im typing on my PS4 i got for chirtmas

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  • Nintendon't


    December 25, 2019 by Nintendon't

    People have been treating me like MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Reply or else..

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    This means deleting all pages I created as "KamafaDelgato021469" and removing all references to CalicoValdezland or Conora from pages. KATMAKROFAN (talk) 18:31, December 23, 2019 (UTC)

    I don't think this was understood properly... Delete all pages in this category. KATMAKROFAN (talk) 00:19, December 24, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Finnbross

    Choushima new flag contest

    December 20, 2019 by Finnbross

    since Choushima is now republic country, there will be a contest for Choushima's new flag

    1. Do not copy old flag of Choushima
    2. No ripping off of Other DFW countries' flag
    3. No characters as its cringy when theres characters.

    Put your flag concept to comment section, the contest ends January 1, 2020.

    • The Supreme Huntington Master's flag: this was the best
    • Nintendon't's flag: this was bad one, due to mistake.

    The winner is TSHM (for long, The Supreme Huntington Master)!

    There will be Qefped flag contest

    To prepare Orange Day 2020, there will be Qefped flag contest.

    The bonus contest ends January 31, 2020 (may extend if no Qefped flag is submitted).

    1. The flag must be non other shades of oranges
    2. The flag must have Orange (from Gadget Car Triacontathlon)'s face
    3. D…

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  • TheRoyG


    December 19, 2019 by TheRoyG

    To be fair, if any of my pages are stubs, edit them whenever you want

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  • BrackenfurBFB

    As you all know, Driller recently announced his departure from the wiki. As such, his pages have entered limbo; the most notorious of which being Minecraftia (country), one of the most famous countries on this wiki. I'm pretty sure no one else has said this, so I will say it:

    I'm adopting Minecraftia.

    Now, there will be a load of changes to the country. First of all, the flag will be updated. The current flag is a bit bland, so I decided to make a new one. I already made it in, and it's ready for upload, so the first thing I'll do is replace the old Minecrafita flag. Second of all, I will purge Minecraftia of all things related to Drillimation, since CoolGamer23 left the wiki. This will mean major changes to a lot of pages. Some of …

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  • CoolGamer23

    Dear users of the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis, as a result of a new CEO of both sites, I officially cease my activities on the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis, in the post of the former CEO. I am making this decision based on Drillimation's new ventures. Events went a different way. The policy of dismembering the former CEO based on advertising practices prevailed, which I can't agree. I am convinced that following a rise in followers on my Twitter account, I can use this as an incentive for putting Drillimation to new heights.

    Yet, I continue to do anything in everything in my new powers. Addressing you for the last time is the capacity of the CEO of the Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis. I consider it my evaluation ever since I began in 2015.…

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  • Daniharut

    New Logo

    December 14, 2019 by Daniharut

    I like the new logo for Dream Fiction!

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