Bluey Minter’s Ultimate Combo! (sometimes shortened to The Ultimate Combo!, The Combo or BM’s UC!) is a British-American late night talk show for Fox. It originally ran from 12:00am to 1:00am in 2000, before moving to 10pm nightly in 2001, and from 2019, from 10:30pm, although some Fox affiliates will air it at 11:00pm to allow them to finish their news programmes. The series is fronted by Mintered character Bluey Minter and takes place in the New York City of said show’s universe. The show in real life is filmed in BBC Television Centre (and ITV Studios between 2013 and 2018) with Bluey added in post production. The show is rated TV-PG and sometimes TV-14

International broadcast

United States

  • TBS (2000-2005)
  • FX (2005-2019)
  • FOX (2019-present)

United Kingdom

  • Channel 4 (2000-present)
  • E4 (2001-present)

Euro Republics

  • Channel 4 (2000-2003)
  • TV3 (2003-2020)
  • FOX (2020-present)
  • V5 (2008-present)
  • Channel 6 (2020-present)
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