Blyat (YinYangiese: 比呀; Piya; lit. Charm) (Filipino: Bighani) is a city in Russia the YinYangian state of Utanga. Russians think this place has an offensive name, but in reality, "Blyat" (also spelled "Piya") is also a YinYangiese word. It means "charm". It has the most Russians in YinYangia, and they call it "Blyat". It is the twentieth largest city in YinYangia and the second largest city on Utanga.


  • Blyat City Hall
  • Ninety Apartments
  • Jaxson Apartments
  • Samsung HQ
  • Technang HQ
  • Walmart
  • McDonald's
  • Burger King


The population of Blyat is 111,281,492.


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