Bnaujna Ajbhai is a Kadersaryinan born Clyohrairan politician and a part-time model.

Her life

Political career

In 2010, she joined the Divergent Regbieil Party, she joined the Right-Wing Administration Association in 2013 after the Divergent Regbieil Party was defunct. In 2015, she got hired as a part-time model as her secondary talent. Ever since becoming the vice president (deputy president) of Clyohraira in 2018, she's currently working on negotiating with Kadersaryina, and the regional governments of Olparaira and Javaraira for independence of Olparaira and Javaraira or have Kadersaryina to agree to let Clyohraira to form a federation that consists of Clyohraira, autonomous states of Olparaira and Javaraira.

Political views

She promotes right-wing populist, Regbieilist, Rairan nationalist, antisemitic, ultra-conservative, Interculturalist, Neo-fascist, Neo-nazi, Neo-reactionary, anti-establishment, Neo-nationalist, and Pan-Rairanist views.

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