Bob Toshi (born December 30, 1969) is a El Kadsreian politician who was President of El Kadsre from 2007 to his overthrowing in 2011. A self-described Chavista, he formed El Kadsre's Gang of Four and attempted to expand Hugo Chávez's Bolivarian Revolution to El Kadsre and tried to begin a program of Bolivarian propaganda, and aligned himself with the far left. His election resulted in the creation of a two-party system which lasted until 2011 after he was overthrown in the 2011 El Kadsreian coup d'état.

After being overthrown in 2011, Toshi fled to the United Kingdom, and currently lives in London.


Bob was born to a Sentanese mother, Mei Toshi (b. 1942), and a White South African father, Gerald Van Schalkwyk (b. 1939) in Heart's Landing, Vlokozu Union and grew up in El Kadsre City.

While studying at the University of El Kadsre, Bob became interested in socialism in 1989, and was in a Bolivarian group called the "Chavez Squad" for much of the latter half of the 1990's. In 2003, he founded the El Kadsreians for El Kadsreians Party.

In 2007, Toshi was elected president and announced that "the Bolivarian Revolution is coming to El Kadsre, and it will be glorious!" However, a financial crisis began in El Kadsre which included the El Kadsreian stock market crash of 2008, Black Friday. Experts believe this was due to a combination of the Great Recession and Toshi nationalizing way too many businesses including funding for TTV and major shares in companies such as Kentsei, EKOC and EKRail. Many people were disinterested with Toshi's socialist experiment.

Toshi broke off relations with Israel in mid-2010 and began recognizing Palestine instead. As a result, the Jordanian embassy in El Kadsre City installed a Israeli interests section to "prevent the Jewish community in El Kadsre from having an exodus thanks to Toshi's radical ideas of straining the Israel-Palestine problem further."

In 2011, Toshi declared himself "Eternal President" and began threatening foreign businesses and people who disagreed with his presidency. After months of crisis and enflarement, Toshi was overthrown by the Armed Forces and national police. As the armed forces began to raid the parliament house, Toshi and some of his supporters secretly boarded a helicopter and flew to Hawaii before taking a chartered British Airways plane to London.

Toshi currently resides in exile in the Venezuelan Embassy in London.

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