Boblo Island Amusement Park is an amusement & water park resort which opened in 1898. It is owned by Carwardine Parks since 1993.

The park is located on Bois Blanc Island, Ontario. It lies just above the mouth of the Detroit River. The people of Detroit, Michigan characterize it as that city's Coney Island.

Logo est. 1998

Some minor land reclamation has helped Boblo Island expand, however, the reclamation for the island is not allowed to interfere with the Detroit River or connect with the mainland.


  • Old Boblo Island
  • Boblo Midway
  • Possum Lake (themed after the Ontario town of the same name from The Red Green Show)
  • Barney's Place
  • Redwall Abbey
  • Toad Hollow
  • Warriors Woods
  • Thomas Town (formerly "Kids Kountry" [1994-2003; 2007-2018] and "PBS Kids Neighborhood" [2003-2007]; portions split into Toad Hollow for the 2004 season, Barney's Place and Redwall Abbey for the 2008 season, and Warriors Woods for the 2016 season)


Roller coasters

  • Barney's Stu-Pendous Coaster (2003; a MSC Incorporated Junior Wild Mouse Coaster) [Barney's Place]
  • Boblo Island Beast (2004; a BAMECO Slingshot Coaster) [Old Boblo Island]
  • Canadian Coaster (1993; A Vekoma Junior Coaster) [Boblo Midway]
  • Century Cyclone (1998; A GCI Coney Island Cyclone Clone, fully retracked in 2018 by GCI and got Millennium Flyers that same year) [Boblo Midway]
  • Excalibur (1999; An Arrow Mine Train, relocated from AstroWorld, built partially over water and if the train gets stuck you have to walk down a causeway back to the island) [Old Boblo Island]
  • Firestar's Chase (2005; a Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Sitdown Looper Coaster, formerly known as "Zoom! Away" from 2005-2007 and "Lightning" from 2007-2016, formerly Thunderbolt at Dreamworld from 1982-2003) [Warriors Woods]
  • Lil' Excalibur (2004; a Allan Herschell Junior Oval Coaster; relocated from Omaha Luna Park where it was known as "Children's Coaster") [Thomas Town]
  • Redwall: Fight for Victory (2000; a TOGO Sit Down Coaster, last roller coaster ever built by TOGO in the US, retracked by S&S Sansei in 2003) [Redwall Abbey]
  • Redwall: Matthias' Sparra Race (2008; a MSC Incorporated hypercoaster) [Redwall Abbey]
  • Simpsons' Road Trip Coaster (2022; a Zierer Force 281)
  • Skyfighter (1993; A B&M inverted roller coaster, first custom model B&M Invert) [Old Boblo Island]
  • The Secret of NIMH: The Ride (2004; a Zierer NIMH Clone) [Boblo Midway]
  • Through the Woods (2016; a Vekoma Flying Dutchman 2.0 coaster) [Warriors Woods]
  • Toad Patrol: Scramble! (2004, a MSC Incorporated wood-steel hybrid coaster, the only coaster to have VR, which was originally free, but due to the hard upkeep, now costs $5 per person and $10 if you have three people) [Toad Hollow]

Flat rides

  • Boblo Ferris Wheel (1998) [Old Boblo Island]
  • Carwardine's River Rapids (1994; Hopkins River Rapids)
  • Monster Rock Concert On Tour (2011; A Sally Corporation dark ride using the old thematical elements from the "Monstars of Rock" ride at Freestyle Adventure City, located inside the former Nightmare roller coaster building) [Old Boblo Island]
  • Quasar (1987; A Reverchon Explorer ride) [Old Boblo Island]
  • Scream Tower (2005; An Intamin Gyro Drop ride)
  • Twister (1998; A Scrambler ride) [Boblo Midway]

Kiddie rides

  • Baby Bop and BJ's Dino-Soars (2003; A Zamperla Mini Jet ride with dinosaurs) [Barney's Place]
  • Possum Lake Carousel (2000; a "run down & breaking down"-themed Huss-TechEruo Classic Carousel) [Possum Lake]
  • Flynn's Fire Rescue (1956; A carousel style kiddie ride with fire trucks, formerly known as "Fire Patrol" [1956-2018]) [Thomas Town]
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (1993; A Zamperla Rio Grande ride, formerly known as "Kiddie Train" [1993-2018], Thomas & Friends retheming was done by MSC Incorporated and Garner Holt Productions) [Thomas Town]

Other atrractions

  • The Rock-afire Explosion (1996)

Boblo Waters

  • Body Trio (1993; Three speed body slides by Fred Langford, a multi-bump, and two freefalls, one of the freefalls got a trapdoor in 2013)
  • Catapult (2007; A ProSlide Rocket "Carwardine Model-001", first one to replace the conveyor belts with LIMs, even though the last uphill section at Arizona's Backyard tested it while the other 4 hills at that location still used conveyors)
  • Hurricane Hill (1993; Four Fred Langford Tube Slides, out of insensitivity, only Pacific Hurricane Names are used)
    • Hurricane Darby (An enclosed slide with lights)
    • Hurricane Frank (An enclosed slide entirely in the dark)
    • Hurricane Georgette (An open slide with "bobsleigh" sections)
    • Hurricane Javier (An entirely open slide)
  • World's Biggest Raft Ride (2015; a ProSlide RaftSplosion, a raft slide that can handle 16 passengers, due to the size of the slide, this is the only slide in the park to use steel beams as supports instead of line shaped steel supports or A-shaped wood supports)

Food & Drinks


  • Tim Hortons (1998; originally a Dunkin' Donuts, but changed to a Tim Hortons due to an exclusivity contract that expired in 2018, this is rumored to get the Dunkin' treatment in 2021)


  • The Possum Lake area was created in time for the 2000 season as an attempt to cash in on the popularity of The Red Green Show among Americans & Canadians alike as well as to replicate the success of the Crinkley Bottom theme parks in the United Kingdom.
  • This is the only park in the chain to get VR installed on a coaster. Originally the VR was installed onto Excalibur, but it was removed after a single month and instead planted on Toad Patrol: Scramble!
  • Century Cyclone is the last coaster to open at a Carwardine Park before Carwardine got sold from DreamWorks to the Mills Corporation.
    • Also to note, one of the side-rail supports is shaped like the DreamWorks boy in full color, in 1999, this was painted over in brown, and after a retrack in 2001 to higher up the first turn on Century Cyclone to reduce whiplash, it was obscured and can only be seen if you look closely at the old track still being present, in 2002, the moon with the boy was entirely removed.
  • The park's jingle since 1994 was performed by Jacek Fiedorowicz and composed & written by Jacek, Trevor Ockerbloom Jr. and Marv Simpleton.

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