Boston City Sound Studios is a dubbing studio in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1990 and is run by Mayuka George and Andy Clibburn, two of the founders of the anime licensing company Gotaku - which is based in nearby Waltham.

Since 1998, Gotaku has offered Boston City Sound Studios' services to other companies, mainly BCSS has done non-Gotaku work for Animax and PPE Entertainment.


Boston City Sound Studios was founded in 1990 by Mayuka George and Andy Clibburn to record English-language versions of their anime licenses. Due to a distinct lack of voice actors in the Boston area, the original voice actors for Gotaku consisted of local theater actors, local radio and television personalities, people recruited off the street that had no prior voice acting experience, and college students.

Current Talent

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Former Talent

Deceased Actors

Guest Actors

The following is a list of voice actors from outside the Boston talent pool that have appeared in Boston City Sound Studios' dubs.






Sound Technicians & Editors

Casting Directors

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