Botcops is a Vlokozuian kadsresatsu television series. Created in 1987, it was CPN's attempt to create the kadsresatsu series to tie in with El TV Kadsre's Bionicle and RGN's Neo-Shifters. It was originally planned to be a television series using a Bionicle motif, but the idea was dropped after the unaired pilot. It was aired on CPN from September 5, 1987 to August 27, 1988.


In 2007, the people and parts of the military of Shinoji, the east Asian superpower consisting Japan, China, Indochina and Korea, started immigrating to the Vlokozu Union and greatly increases the crime rate. As the countermeasure, the Vlokozuian government (represented by Nick Vlokozu) created the special taskforce called the "Botcops" and Davis, Roscoe, Jason and Crawford were hired to battle the Shinoji forces led by a ruthless Takihiro Sakamoto, whose goal is to use computer's will-power to start World War III .



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