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Boyz Store and Girlz Store were clothing store chains that sold kids clothing for boys and girls ages 4 to 14 years respectively. The stores were often found in malls side by side with two entrance for the Boyz Store and the Girlz Store. Locations outside the El Kadsreian Islands, the United States and Canada were acquired by DEKA.



The Boyz/Girlz store chain was sold to Ruum & Company in 2013 and the stores were converted to Ruum and is now known as Kidpik since 2017.

Canada and United States

Abercrombie & Fitch bought the Boyz/Girlz store chain in 2004 and kept it in operation until 2010.

El Kadsreian Islands

American Eagle bought the Boyz/Girlz store chain in 2007 and converted all of the stores to 77 Kids.


Closed in January 2005. Some stores were sold and became Justice.

Southeast Asia



Kadersaryinan Islands


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