Builder Brothers Pizza is a fast food chain in Robloxia. Its the most famous fast food chain in Robloxia. Before the pizzeria was a chain, they also served spaghetti, but that was changed in 1982 due to budget cuts.

It has 10,000 stores in Robloxian cities & towns. It opened in 1972 by two brothers. In 1981, it started becoming a fast food chain in Robloxia, in 1994, the builder brothers retired, and management was taken by both of their sons and Dued1.


The original location opened on Builder Island (then known as Old Arrow Island) in 1972.

Location Types


The original type location, with an S-shape and brick walls, only three of those were built, one in Robloxia City, and two built in 1982 with minor modifications - Blockton and Dogetropolis. All three of them still stand today.


The first mass-produced location, starting construction of these locations in 1980 when they first became a chain, the location used a mansford roof and went counter-clockwise from cashier to delivery (although 50 clockwise locations were built due to lack of space) 2,000 of these restaurants were built until the design was discontinued in 2004, currently, only 120 of these restaurants are intact (with only one of them being clockwise) due to newer designs coming out.


The Lite, but with a patio area. Built from 1984-2004.

XL Lite

The XL Lite style chains were built between 1985-2000 due to the rising popularity of restaurant playgrounds and trying to be as space effective as possible, they are the same as the Lite+, but the patio area is now an outdoor playground.


The XL style restaurants were built from 1983-2003 as a replacement for the Classic design, which was becoming too costly to build, the XL restaurants were square shaped (unlike the Lite's rectangular shape) and like the Lite, go counter-clockwise most of the time from cashier to delivery, these locations also included an arcade and a playground (albeit the arcade was discontinued in 1996 due to budget issues, and no replacement was made, creating a blank space in the restaurant, with some of these blank spaces being turned into storage rooms), 1,000 of these type were built, with only 10 being clockwise, currently, 400 of these exist, with 275 having arcades, and 3 being clockwise.

TRIVIA: The XL model contained the first mass-produced indoor playgrounds in Robloxia, one Pasqually's Italian Fun Time Theatre (ROBLOXian equivalent to Pizza Time Theatre) had an indoor playground, but the XL model had the first mass-produced ones.

Lite XL

The Lite XL style was built from 1986-2002.


The NEX style was built from 1989-2003.


The NEX+ style was built from 1992-2007, outlasting it's predecessor.


This style was built from 2000-2012.


This style is being built from 2008-present.

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