The Bully video game was first released in December 2006 in El Kadsre by Rockstar Glonisla and Rockstar Tennjo for PlayStation 2, Petalzone Cross 3, and Xbox (US Xbox version was planned but cancelled). A TS-UGOS version of the game was released in February 2008 and requires TS-UGOS SO with 2006 updates and later with RealityX 7.0 or later, Petalzone Cross XT version was released in June 2008, and Portosic OS version was released in December 2016 as part of Bully: Anniversary Edition. The TS-UGOS and PTSUG features multiplayer, cloud save, and social networking connection via Social Club. The EKFGR rating is R15. The special El Kadsreian box art cover contains Russell Northrop uses TheoryPhone to call Jimmy to help. The game was the biggest hit in the whole El Kadsreian Islands, with topped the charts on El Kadsreian Video Game Chart. It sold 35 million units in the El Kadsreian Islands. It is available on Rockstar Warehouse, Amazon, Steam, GameStop, SDS, TheoryShop, Lazada, Shopee, and EraMall.


A bug that during Russell in the Hole mission after the player beating Russell, there's a glitch that game would stop completely, making the game incomplete, as in TS-UGOS FT and later. Rockstar Games release a patch (v.1.442) in early-2012 that fixes a glitch that crashes preventing from start of Chapter 2 in the game after passed Russell in the Hole mission for TS-UGOS FT and later computers.


There's a movie called Bully: The Bullworth Strikes, which is based off of that game.


The Bully video game Fan Live event was held on April 2, 2011 at GM Cicmpillici with original cast of voice actors including Geoffrey Wigdor, because of the popularity for Bully game fans.

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