Burger King Megassa is the Megassan version of Burger King. The first Burger King restaurant in Megassa opened in 1989 under the name of Hungry Jack's. In 1997 Hungry Jack's was renamed as Burger King.


As Hungry Jack’s (1989-1997)

On May 9, 1989, the first Megassan Burger King was opened as Aschelz Jack’zc (Hungry Jack’s in Megassan language). Then more English Hungry Jack’s stores were opened in 1990. But that was shortly after their competitor, Subway, had opened. There was even a Subway ad from 1991 that parodied the Megassan Hungry Jack’s. The ad was called Starving Jim’s VS Subway. Although the ad was filmed and produced in 1991, the ad wasn’t released until 1993. It was in 1996 when the ad started to gain popularity, and therefore Hungry Jack’s changed its name to Burger King. By 2005 all stores had been renamed Burger King, and some abandoned closed stores you can visit.

As Burger King (1997-Present)

In 1997, the first Burger King was opened, This caused the introduction of their first mascot: The Burger King. The mascot has stopped appearing in ads and restaurants, as of 2001. He was replaced with Soda Kid, who was often a child dressed up in a soda bottle costume and calling himself the Soda Kid. He made his first appearance in a 2003 Burger King ad, where he is seen riding a tricycle and eating a burger and saying “The Burgers Are Better At BK,” as that was the company’s slogan at that time. The slogan was changed to “The Way You Want It To Be” in 2007, and it made its first appearance in a 2008 ad featuring Soda Kid. Soda Kid made his last appearance in an ad that aired between December 2013 and January 2014, called “Time To Say Goodbye”.


  1. It’s The Taste That Counts (1989-1993)
  2. We Put Joy In Our Burgers (1993-1995)
  3. Happiness Is Found In A Burger (1995-1997)
  4. It’s Like A Home For Burgers (1997-2001)
  5. It Ain’t A Burger If It’s Not From Here (2001-2003)
  6. The Burgers Are Better At BK (2003-2007)
  7. The Way You Want It To Be (2007–Present)

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