Burnfired is a 2004 El Kadsreian-American biography film based on the true story of the tragic death of Peter Barton during the filming of his television show The Powers of Matthew Star, directed by Brandon Kane, written by Peter West, and it was distributed in El Kadsre by PPE Entertainment and in the United States by Paramount Pictures.


In November 1981, during the filming of the television series The Powers of Matthew Star nearby Hollywood, Peter Barton, who was traying a criminal blinding Louis Gossett, Jr., tying themselves into a chair. Peter Barton is walking backwards, tripped and fell on a flare. Gossett however fell backward on top of Barton.

Meanwhile Barton gets the way home, then he gets to the medicine where he was trying to fix burn injuries before settling to finish fixing the removal of burn injuries in the medicine in the spring of 1982.

A NBC employee said that the show is delayed to January 1982, then it got off the ground for the 1982-83 season and settled onto a Friday night slot rather than the Sunday night slot, and NBC continue filling the Sunday slot with more Here's Boomer and Flintstones repeats.

A slot of Paramount Television employees and producer Daniel Wilson got accused of delaying the show, along with a series of other actors, creators, writers, directors and producer Harve Bennett, which co-produced the series along with Daniel Wilson.

Triumphantly, the show settled there on September 17, 1982, and NBC wanted the show to be a disaster, causing it to end in 1983.


Production and release

In 2000, Brandon Kane came up with the idea of making a movie about a true story of the 1981 Peter Barton incident during the filming of the TV show The Powers of Matthew Star. Kane hired Peter West to write the script of the movie.

Brandon Kane was however pitched to Banushen’s movie studio PPE Pictures in the January of 2001. Paramount Pictures had an option to acquire international distribution rights outside of the United El Kadsreian Nations in the March of 2001.

Principal photography began in July 2002 at El Kadsre City and Los Angeles with a budget of $28 million. It was completed on May 2003. Visual effects are provided by Fuse Special Effects for special fire effects.

PPE Entertainment announced a September 18, 2004 release date for Burnfired, and Paramount announced a October 6, 2004 release date for the movie in North America. It was released with $110 million over a $28 million budget.


Burnfired met with critical acclaim from critics. It holds a 98 on Metacritic, 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, 94% on IMDb and 96% on Google.

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