Busch Gardens Azara is a theme park located in Azara City, Azara. The park is located right next door to SeaWorld Azara and it first opened in 1970. Unlike Busch Gardens Tampa and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Busch Gardens Azara doesn't currently have a theme.


Busch Gardens Azara first opened in 1970 as an African themed marine, bird, and wildlife park. In 1987 the park phased out its animal attraction to make way for amusement rides. The nearby brewery closed in 1999.


Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Description Scale
Drachen Fire 1994 A B&M looping roller coaster. Has a similar layout to the infamous roller coaster of the same name that operated at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Extreme
Elmo Express 2011 An E&F Miller kiddie coaster. Family
Phoenix 2004 A B&M dive coaster. Has the same layout as SheiKra at Busch Gardens Tampa. Extreme
Roller Ghoster 1992 An Arrow Dynamics suspended swing roller coaster. Thrill
SheiKra 2007 A B&M inverted roller coaster. Extreme
Stingray 1987 An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster. Extreme
Whiptail 1987 A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster. Extreme

Water Rides

Name Year Opened Description
Logg'n Toboggan 1987 A log flume ride.
Grizzly Bear Canyon Rapids 1987 An Intamin river rapids ride.
Giga Falls 2001 A 200 foot tall Intamin boat flume ride. Currently the world's largest boat flume ride.

Flat Rides


Name Year Opened Description
Fury 1987 A KMG Fireball ride.
Swashbuckler 1987 A Huss Pirate ship ride.
Double Trouble 2007 A 300-foot tall S&S Combo Tower.


Name Year Opened Description
Star Carousel 1987 A carousel with exotic animals.
Rambling Scrambler 1987 A Scrambler ride.
U Bang'em Rally 1987 Bumper cars.
Whirligig 1987 A Wave Swinger ride.


Name Year Opened Description
Oscar's Trashy Bashers 1987 Kiddie bumper cars. Formerly known as "Kiddie Cars" (1987-2010).
Snuffy's Flight School 1987 A Zamperla Mini Jet ride. Formerly known as "Elephant Leap" (1987-2010).
Big Big Swings 1987 Kiddie Wave Swinger ride. Formerly known as "Swing Around" (1987-2010).
Cookie Monster Cookies Jars 1987 A Hampton Rides umbrella kiddie ride with spinning barrels. Formerly known as "Twist & Shout" (1987-2010).

Former Rides

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
Willy Worm 1987 2010 A Zierer kiddie coaster. Replaced with Elmo Express.
Lil' Logger 1987 2010 A kiddie log flume ride.
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