Buyang Kokonag is the current president of Typressia since 2009 and is expected to resign in 2020 because presidents are only allowed to stay in office for 10 years. He is known for his comedic personality, and has said that it was his way into winning the 2009 Typressian election.

Early Life

Buyang Kokonag was born in September 4th 1986 in Benipalang. When he was 3, they moved to Sembuabang.


He was educated in Benipalang Elementary School, then Benipalang Middle, then Benipalang High.

Rise to comedy

He learned comedy from his dad because his dad would often joke around with him and he made his own jokes to him in return, according to him in a speech. He made his own comedy show in 200

Presidential Campaign

To the public's suprise, he ran for president during the 2009 Typressian election. People thought he was a clown and gave their vote to the other. However though, he made very inspirational speeches with a tint of comedy, and they returned their vote to Buyang. With this tactic he later gained presidential status.

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