CBC Kids is a 24-hour national federal public children's television channel owned by Conlandia Broadcasting Corporation.

The channel was launched on July 9, 1998. Its has the same programming is the same as ETVKK except ETVKK's original programs, along with some exclusive context.

It’s primarily aimed at viewers 3 to 21 years old.


The first program aired was Arthur, and it and PB&J Otter are the only series to have consistently aired on CBC Kids since the channel's first day of broadcasting. Between 1998 and 2003, ETVKK began reairing older episodes of the Mr. Driller anime (mainly random ones from 1986 to 1995). ETVKK also gained traction by airing youth-oriented sports shows from the WWF, WCW, and the USHRA Monster Jam.

In November 2019, El TV Kadsre announced that CBCPS would be rebranded to CBC Kids Jr. at a unspecificed date, and also announced the upcoming ETVKK spinoff channels CBC Kids Max (action and adventure series plus uncut anime), CBC Kids Chan (female-oriented series), and Transformer Central (an all-Transformers channel).


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