The CD20 Islands (pronounced as Cee Dee Twenty Eye-Land) is kind of a small island country between the countries of Kherbet, Yuru-charaia, Tyono, Jetania and Grakorea. The Island was formerly known as Molave. The other part of this country is located near Vustrela and Vanuatu.


In the Prehistoric Era, the northern part of this country's ancestors came from the Greek people. While the southern part of this country came from the Austronesian people.

The northern parts of the area started their own empire named "CD20 Empire" around the 1500s-1600s. While the Southern parts of the area are full of tribes.

Before the island is well-known, a Spanish man went from the northern parts of this area from 1554. Later, another Spanish man went to the southern parts of the area on 1769. The island itself became dependent after changing their name from Molave to CD20 Islands in Asia and it happened around 1921.

In Europe, it was formerly called CDwish then later changed the name to merge in 1925. Nowdays , the Island became well-known even as of now. Formerly, before they merge, the ones from Asia are Molave and the ones from Europe are Malavia. During World War II, they fought due to the Asian president during that time wanted to invade the European country. It happened from 1939 until 1946.

After the war ended, the ones from Asia have surrendered. Thinking that they have more damages to their country than the country in Europe. So in conclusion, in 1950, they merged by agreement. While North part of the CD20 Island is a developed country, the South part of it is still quite developing but has a little tiny bit of improvement as stated in 2010.


CD20 Island has Three Regions. One is the Capital City called Molave City from the South area of CD20 Island, One is the South area from CD20 Island, and the Last one is from the North area of CD20 Island.




It's Money is called CDBucks.

There will be a really cheap airport landing in both of these areas if you're living in those areas. Like if you live in the north part of the CD20 Island you will go to the Southern Part of the island, and it will only give you 100 CDBucks. And 1 US Dollar is equal to 49.5 CDBucks, which is similar to the Philippine Pesos.



CD20 Islands have their own television networks like CD20Network, and VT Bungal .



  • CD20 Islands represents 5 groups of 45,839 islands. Two is from Europe and the other three is from Southeast Asia.
  • It's main capital city is located in Asia.


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