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CECAmman (also known by her real name Ghada Zaab) is a female VidSpacer from Jordan who does videos mainly of the Chuck E. Cheese in Jubeiha area, Amman.


  • "CEC Jubeiha Amman - Showroom" (uploaded 2016)
    • Description: "After having not been here since 2009, I decided to visit the Partiest Place to Be. This is the biggest Chuck E. Cheese's in Jordan, and the only one to have a 3-Stage. It's in pretty poor condition (almost to Guatemala Zone 9 or Visalia levels), but hey, it's there."
  • "CEC Jubeiha Amman - Random Store Art: Miscellaneous" (uploaded 2016)
  • "CEC Jubeiha Amman - Random Store Art: Movie Posters" (uploaded 2016)
  • "CEC Jubeiha Amman - Random Store Art: Records" (uploaded 2016)
  • "CEC Tel Aviv - We've Got It" (uploaded 2017)
    • Description: "While visiting Israel, I stopped by the CEC in Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station mall, which has a Studio C Beta. It just got the new showtape with the new version of We've Got It, which CEC Jubeiha Amman obviously played after undergoing Concept Unification back in 1993."
  • "CEC Jubeiha Amman's New Bots" (uploaded 2019)
    • Description: "Chuck E. Cheese's Amman Jubeiha just got new bots for the 3-Stage at last. They came from the location in Burnaby, Canada and are in much better working order than the original bots I first showed you guys in 2016. In addition, the tech made a new mask for Mr. Moon and redid Pizzacam's mask as well."
  • "CEC Jubeiha Amman - Birthday Star 95" (uploaded 2019)
    • Description: "With new bots for the 3-Stage comes a new (but used) CyberStar. Burnaby's old CyberStar, which Jubeiha Amman now has, still has Birthday Star '95 pre-programmed for the Birthday remote control's audio. Special thanks goes to Rabia (our Chuck E.) and Hamza (manager) for doing this show for the birthday guests."
  • "CEC at Jerash Festival - Party Rock" (uploaded 2019)
    • Description: "I got to perform that songbird Helen for the first time! Here, we played Party Rock for an appearance at Jerash Festival. Featuring Rabia (our Chuck E.), Francis (our Jasper), Adeem (our Munch), me (as Helen), and Ghaffar (our Pasqually)."
  • "CEC Jubeiha Amman - Birthday Star 95 with Helen" (uploaded 2019)
    • Description: "We brought out all 5 walkarounds (Rockstar Chuck, Cheerleader Helen, Jasper, Munch, and Pasqually) for this performance of Birthday Star 95 at Jubeiha Chuck E. Cheese. Featuring Rabia Atwi (as Chuck E.), Francis Johnson (as Jasper), Ghaffar Rashid Yakub (as Munch), Ghada Zaab (me!) (as Helen), and Fadeel Al-Tusi (our Pasqually)."


  • She was planning to go to North America in 2020, but due to COVID, the plans were replaced with more in-depth 15-minute versions of the local stores' animatronics, including a 50 minute long "movie" showing a full in-depth tour of Amman Jubeiha.
  • She is friends with Pizzacam (the real life CEC YouTuber) and AnimatronicsSing.
  • As of 2019, she works at CEC Jubeiha Amman.