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Countries and territories with confirmed cases


North Rubblecity's


Main article: 2019/2020 coranavirus pandemic in Dasia

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Dasia was in January 2019, which was when it affected politicians.

North America

Azara closed down all airports, border gates, etc. at the beginning of the outbreak to avoid cases.

Mainland Highland has not seen a single case up until 4/3/2020 when they saw 1 case.

Hnolia has seen over 100,000 cases due to the city being so dense and them only going on lock down on April first in an effort to stop the spared Mainland highland stepped in a took over the medical systems and police system and sent in 10,000 troops to infroce the lock down and has put up stations at every Grocery store to help stop the spared but it is still spreading due to how dense the city and the disease spearing in apartment towers .


Main article: COVID-19 pandemic in Andere

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Andere was on January 29, 2020, which was when it affected politician Mark Hughesburg, who was forced to stay in quarantine. As of March 20, 2020, 101 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Andere.


After the flights from Wuhan to Bairan in late December 2019, 5 Bairanese citizens were infected by the coronavirus. There were 1,223 cases of the virus in Bairan by the time the coronavirus outbreak in Bairan ended. There were only 3 deaths and 1,220 people had fully recovered from the virus in Bairan.


First coronavirus outbreak

On January 30, 2020, there were 5 cases of the coronavirus in Saisan, Kalsmark, Wlaglwof, Aubygauba, and Jaumalwe. There were 545 cases of the virus in Clyohraira by the time the first coronavirus outbreak in Clyohraira ended. Everyone that had cases of the coronavirus had fully recovered, which is the only country so far to not have any deaths, especially by the time the coronavirus outbreak ended.

Second coronavirus outbreak

On March 24, 2020, a second coronavirus outbreak started up when there were 50 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in Clyohraira.


15 Daricajucean citizens back as late December 2019 were infected by the coronavirus by Chinese immigrants. There were 1,706 cases of the virus in Daricajuce by the time the coronavirus outbreak Daricajuce ended. There were only 6 deaths and 1,700 people had fully recovered from the virus in Daricajuce.

El Kadsre

Main Article: 2020 coronavirus pandemic in El Kadsre

Federal Republic of St. Lawrence

Main article: Lockdown in St. Lawrence

Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec's public health director, doing the Aplatir la courbe.

No locally transmitted cases of COVID-19 were reported during the start of the outbreak until March 15, when one 59 year old Laurentian man was tested positive for the virus. When this was reported, the government of president Paul Sauvé immediately announced a lockdown that would last until the end of April. Restrictions and the lockdown were eased and lifted in May 1. Currently, the total cases of COVID in the FRSL are (according to the Health and Social Services Department)*:

Cases Active Deaths Recoveries
513,009 200,101 8,024 121,218

*- Data from the HSSD from January 25, 2021 (the latest data as of now). Data may change anytime.

UK variant of the virus

The known UK variant of the virus wasn't found locally until in January 7, 2021, when a 32-year old woman went back to the country from Gibraltar and arrived from Gérard D. Levesque International Airport (in Yakima, a suburb of New Carlisle in the Laurentian National Capital Region) tested positive for the variant of the virus. As of the data table that was released in January 25, there are 33 people that were infected with the UK variant of the virus. The airport immediately closed for disinfection and the whole Yakima suburb was put to lockdown that would last for a month (until February 19).

According to the Central News and Current Affairs, the news division of the country's chief TV network, they had reported that the first Laurentian to be infected with the UK variant was not actually locally, but in Sherbet Town, in Sherbetia, in January 8.


Shogun of Ayoninosre, Joblauruku Addalayhe was tested positive of the coronavirus back at March 1, 2020, due to that, the transition of power from Kalmadu's regime to Ayoninosre was delayed by a couple of weeks. There were 893 cases of the coronavirus by the time the coronavirus outbreak in Gaburayon ended. There were 742 deaths and 151 people had fully recovered from the virus in Gaburayon.


Juulzadenco Secretary of State, Melkel Abuji, and the Sino-Zadenco journalist and labor union activist, Salgon Xianghuk was tested positive of the coronavirus back at February 11, 2020. Melkel Abuji died from the coronavirus on February 20, 2020, and the position of Secretary of State of Juulzaden was left vacant without a replacement.


Mansionia was found to have the coronavirus since Luigi's chinese-made Poltergust 10,000 arrived.


Main article: 2019-20 coranavirus pandemic in Kadersaryina

During mid December 2019, the first cases of the coronavirus in South Kadersaryina, after Chinese immigrants from Wuhan moved to Kadersaryina. So far, there were 9,820,519 cases of the coronavirus in Kadersaryina and there were 1,001,000 deaths from the coronavirus.


in January 10, 2020, Tasanalan government confirmed first novel coronavirus (known as "nCover" in the country) case in Kotohall

in January 23, 2020, novel coronavirus spreads human to human faster than usual as Tasanalans failed to follow guide, next day, Tasanalan governments uses the guides from USA, UK and Philippines but in January 29, these guides are also failed

in January 31, 2020, after found virus positive in 98% of all Tasanala 5 workers, forcing Mediaset to arrupt shutdown Tasanala 5 amid coronavirus scare


On January 14, Histeria’s president John Swarsoski banned flights from Wuhan and Hubei.

On January 15, 2020, 5 cases of COVID-19 virus were reported in Histeria after the last batch of flights of Wuhan to Histeria before flights via Wuhan/Hubei to Histeria and vice-versa were banned. The flight was via Histeria Airways. The 3 were men, and the 2 were women. They were identified as Patient (P) 1-5.

On January 20, 2020, P2 (woman) has suddenly died during their sleep. Her body ars currently secured to avoid spreading of the disease.

On January 23, P1, 3, 4, 5 were successfully healed by doctors in a hospital in New Lane City.

On January 24, all flights from Wuhan were cancelled.

On January 25, all flights from Mainland China and countries with more than 1 case of the virus were banned from coming.

On January 25, 10 persons from the last batch of flights from Hong Kong to Histeria were tested positive for COVID-19. They were identified as Patients (P) 10-20. They stayed on the New Lane Hospital for 15 days.

On January 26, most imports from China were postponed.

On January 27, P10-15 died due to a stroke while coughing. Their bodies were contained in a room where doctors are only allowed. They were buried in a cemetery in New Lane immediately.

On February 4, P16 died from pneumonia. P17-20 meanwhile recovered but were advised to stay at a quarantine hospital for sureness that they don’t have the virus.

On February 5, a New Lane office worker who apparently had contact with P16 who died from COVID-19 went positive for the coronavirus. She died 10 hours after her diagnosis.

Tally of COVID-19 in Histeria (as of February 5, 2020)
Cases Deaths Recovered
15 7 8

Kmo Bem

Main Article: List of Pandemic days on Kmo Bem


on January 17, 2020, 2 confirmed cases of the 2019-nCoV virus were reported in Giroux, Philadelphia State, Magisteria, just few days later, it increased to 5 cases, fortunately 3 were already cured. Former President, Carlos Perlman suspended schools and declared a national lockdown and banned all flights every countries that are infected.

Since September 2020, Magisteria remains COVID free and the only country in the Americas to be COVID-19 free but the COVID-19 protocols are still effective even it's COVID-19 free.


on January 20, 2020, Danistia confirmed it's first case of the COVID-19 virus were reported in Monrovia, Danistia

Danistia already banned all flights to Wuhan in mid-December 2019 after the first ever case of the virus was reported.


The first confirmed case was reported on 22 January 2020.


in February 13, 2020, 1 Piramcan male (named as "Norman Wilson"), came back from Tasanala, is tested positive, initially negative, 10 Scratchian mourners who came to Piramca is also tested positive, hours later, Norman Wilson died, despite he is stable condition but committed suicide, his body was cremented away from Piramca, an hour later, an experiment cure from Gau injects 10 Scratchian mourners to discharges COVID-19.

Southern Indosa

On March 18, 2020, Joe Howard (Coach of the New London Hawks) was infected with COVID-19 and tested positive. Their neighbors, Northern Indosa, have banned travel to any country, to prevent any confirmed cases.

Sealandia & Zivia

Sealandia and Zivia were infected in February 2020 and Thousands were infected, in May 2020 there were little cases causing the countries to open in June

Denian Archipelago


There are 4 confirmed cases in Denia. Flights from China, Tasanala, Xentang, and other Southeast Asia nations are banned.


There are 8 confirmed cases in Yuhrio, some of which are China. Flights from China and all countries are banned, making it isolate.


There are 2 confirmed cases in Uryia.

South America


The first Ivanesse coronavirus case was confirmed in March 28, 2020, it's was a bird named Bird.

In April 4, 2020, the coronavirus has been spread to whole Ivanland, a lockdown occurred, set to end in February 21, 2021.

The pandemic made Ivanesse films delay the release date. Most notably "The Monkey and The Gazelle" from Bay Pictures and his low to mid budget film division 21st Century Pictures.



On February 20, 2020, a 58-year old person was confirmed with COVID-19. 14 cases was confirmed on March 13, which went to China, Tasanala, Xentang, and the Philippines. There are also 3 unconfirmed cases.

On March 11, the 58-year old person died, and on March 14, another patient died in Bendayan Hospital.

CD20 Islands

In the southern part of the island, there have been at least 3200 cases on this part.

Citoyens Republic

on January 26, 2020, there are 10 confirmed cases of people infected with COVID-19.

Flights via Mainland China to Citoyens Republic were banned until further notice.

Few days later, it was confirmed that 10 people were tested positive for COVID-19.


In Haritsu, they were 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus.


  • On February 11th 2020, the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Kytulh from a 37 years old Bangladeshi-Karukadi men named Bisaj Ali.
  • Since February 14th, the cases grew +41 with possibilities of COVID-19 in the country, 12 are confirmed positive.
  • Since February 15th, Aleer Yasamr decided to remains the schools closed and the religious festivals cancelled until it have less COVID-19 cases and most of the people would be recovered.
  • Each day since February 18th, around 15 persons are tested.
  • On February 23th, cases increased to 34 confirmed mostly from Ghavat and Atarift.
  • On March 4th, Karunkadan gets the first death and cases increase at 58 confirmed.
  • Ghavat is one of the location with more people with positive cases, confirmed on March 24th.


On March 2, the first case is confirmed. As of March 31, there are over 4000 cases.


There are over 9,000 cases in Manchukuo.


On January 18, 2020, 1 case of COVID-19 was reported in Merriamia, on Gurewi after the last batch of flights of Wuhan to Merriamia before flights via Mainland China to Merriamia and vice-versa were banned. 4 people from Taiwan and Korea tested positive for COVID-19 and they are currently in quarantine, while the other two died on January 20. Cure research started on January 29.

On January 25, one person from Tasanala tested positive. Flights from Tasanala are banned a day later.

On March 9, Merriamian scientists invented the vaccine for COVID-19. It is tested a day later and proven successful. It is used to people since March 14. The cure is finished 48% in Merriamia according to the scientists.

On March 14, 95 cases are confirmed, 14 are recovered and 4 deaths.


On March 1, 2020, its first case was reported on Lòñil from US.



There are over 1,000+ confirmed cases in Namkanda, over 500 people has recovered, while 100 has died. All of them went to Wuhan.


As of 21 June 2020, their are 23 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


There were 2 confirmed cases, two of which went to Wuhan.


Main article: COVID-19 pandemic in the Tseng Republic

The first case in the Tseng Republic was on February 2, 2020, from a traveler from China. However, he didn't feel any symptoms until February 7, and he traveled all across Tseng City, which led to an outbreak in the country.


On January 26, 2020, 6 males and 12 females are all tested positive, as all went to Wuhan.


224 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the city-state of Xintao. This resulted in 19 deaths. Xintaoni scientists are working on a vaccine for the disease.


In March 1st 2020, Over 14 people has been tested positive from the virus, all came from Wuhan. Over 10 has been recovered and 2 had died due to critical condition.

Currently many scientists that been working on the vaccine from the virus to give the cure to many people who got the virus,

since then all flights to or from China has been canceled due to safety reasons.



The Diursian government revealed that 16 people had tested for the coronavirus, resulting in one death. Following this, the country was locked down.



In Agoland, 122 cases have been confirmed, resulting in 26 deaths.


On January 28, 2020, Pseudoconsort Soo Moon-di (Mundi) was infected with the Wuhan novel coronavirus (called novelcoronavirus in the country without spaces) after travelling to China to hold some documentary to scream about how fake their products were which were produced with free labour - something that Aschsenland really liked but is too rich to even have any labour. So far she was the only one infected and is now in an isolated isolation ward in the Isolation wing of the Seven Ribbons hospital. Suddenly, on 2 February, Pseudomonarch/Queen Star Butterfly showed similar signs and is now under testing.

Since then, everything that came from or will come to China was banned until further notice.


On May 1, 2020 1 person got coronavirus however she got better and no other cases has been in there. Mainly of their super low sickness rate. A cold and a flu are the only common thing and can cure easily. More info will come to the Callumland page soon of sickness.


The Department for Health announced the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Dryicor on 31 January, 2020 in Tuotalla, believed to be from a man visiting Dryicor from Karelia in Russia. On the same day, Prime Minister Erno Pulkkinen launched an emergency press briefing in which he urged Dryicorans to stick to 1m social distancing and banned mass gatherings of above 50 people. All flights from China had been banned since 10 January. He also said that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must self-isolate until a negative test result comes back and, if positive, self-isolate for an additional 14 days.

After Dryicor hit 2,000 cases on 14 February, Pulkkinen announced daily press briefings and said that face coverings should be worn if 1m social distancing cannot be realistically achieved. They would also be mandatory on public transport and in shops. He also said that masks were advisable in school corridors and that children must socially distance at lockers. He also said that Dryicorans must work from home if possible. Mass gatherings were also limited to 30. All flights into Dryicor were grounded, and no-one except Dryicoran citizens overseas could come in.

On 3 March, Dryicor shut all eating establishments until at least 5 May. He also said that schools would close at the end of the week and put a stay-at-home order in place, except for 1 hour of exercise. By then, Dryicor had reached 7,400 cases.

This advice continued until 8 June, when Pulkkinen said that Dryicorans may meet again in "social bubbles". He also allowed border crossing from Finland and Norway. Dryicor also allowed mass gatherings of up to 15 people.

After another rise in cases, Dryicor again locked down on 16 October for an indefinite period of time. The lockdown was lifted on 7 January, 2021.

When the Pfizer-bioNTech vaccine was developed, Dryicor authorised it just after Russia. The AstraZeneca vaccine was authorised in early December 2020. A vaccine rollout is currently underway, according to the pyramid. Over-70s, the 1 million most clinically vulnerable Dryicorans, frontline staff and care workers have already been vaccinated, and over-50s, schoolteachers and the next 1 million are currently being vaccinated. It is being offered for free by the Dryicoran National Health Service.

Currently, there have been 32,474 recorded cases in Dryicor, with 5,367 deaths.


On February 2, 2020, over 4 males from Wuhan and 1 woman (Emily Styles), they all tested positive for the virus,

many scientists started developing the project, called the project novel, the goal is to create a cure for the virus to stop the world from it, unfortunately during that in February 4, 2020, a 47-year-old woman called Emily Styles, a famous singer has died from the odd critical condition causing #RESTINPEACEEMILY to go trending all over Twitter, similar to the #riphildi from Scratchia.

on February 5 at 1 am, Emily's funeral was attended by over 300,000 people including his family, making it the most attended funeral in the country's history,

after that, everything that came from china itself was illegal and the country has the Anti-Chinese propaganda posters all over the streets, telling people that all Chinese people should stay in their own zoo (country) and should not come to glorious floweria, these posters cause a lot of controversy and after that, they have apologised for it.

currently, there are 20 confirmed cases and 3 deaths.


On January 5th, 2020, Geometria confirmed 1 case, a man from Wuhan. On February 29th, a spike occurred, which caused the virus to spread rapidly, by March 15th, there were 34,265 cases. 12 cities are on lockdown and flights, shippings, boats, and all other travel from East Asia is banned until further notice.

Tally of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and recoveries in Geometria
Confirmed Cases Deaths Recovered
132,827 12,544 17,677

Guy, Republic of

On January 19, 2020, the Guyish government confirmed its first coronavirus


On January 29, 2020, Helvmark Health Goverment A/B only had coronavirus, cases last of flights of Wuhan to Helvodi before flights via Mainland China to Helvmark and vice-versa were banned.


On Febuary 4th 2020, The Hotonian government confirmed it's first case of coronavirus. Currently, Hotonia has 65 confirmed cases.


There are confirmed 3 cases, one of which died on January 31. Flights from China and other Southeast Asia nations are banned.


On February 14th, 2020, a couple was tested positive for Coronavirus. The country freaked out, closing all flights in and out of the country a few days later. There were about 800 deaths in the country as of March 28, 2020.

 United Noobian Nations


On February 29, 2020, a group of people from an intermediate school near Maisoto have recently traveled to Wuhan. At 12:30, they felt sick and went to the school nurse. After testing them positive for the coronavirus, he sent the group of students to a hospital; however, the virus was transmitted through most of the staff of the school.

Jetanian Archipelago


Main article: 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Kuboia


In February 5th 2020, the person Yuēsèfū Guójiā (Chinese-Victorian) was infected with Corona Virus.

In March 19th, 2020, the Victorian Olympic Committee announced that they won't participate the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In June 22, 2020. Quarantine ended, but with some restrictions.

CD20 Islands

As of now, on the north side of the country, there have been at least 3109 cases of the virus.

Gauese Archipelago


in February 6, 2020, 7 people came from Wuhan, tested positive for virus, a day later, an experiment cure injects to 7 infected people to contain coronavirus from 7 people, and it was ultimately successful


in February 13, 2020, 20 Disney Crenisa workers are tested positive, forcing them to not work, despite Disney Crenisa will remain operative, like remain operating Disney Channel, Fox, Disney Hits, Star Plus, Freeform, Disney Cinemagic and Jirumi TV.

Countries and territories with suspected cases

North America


There are 17 suspected cases in Piramca City.


Island of Sally

Island of Sally saws 100 suspected cases.


There are at least 2-108 suspected cases in Sevoria.


If one has the coronavirus, it is required to go to a nearby hospital as soon as possible.

Also, after the coronavirus outbreak, people from Wuhan cannot enter the country.

South America


There are 20 suspected cases in Zoytex

Gauese Archipelago


Crenisan government believed that 30 people and 20 Disney Crenisa workers were infected on February 8, 2020.



There are 7 suspected cases in Eshia

Prevention in other countries

North America


In Andere, to prevent any spreading of the COVID-19, any travel from Andere to China (and vice versa) is currently banned.


First coronavirus outbreak

The Government of Clyohraira announced a couple days after those first cases, they would temporary stop all trading activities with China to prevent contamination of products made from China and had stopped all airline flights to China. They also announced that they're gonna be contributing and developing the vaccine for the coronavirus with other countries, despite the companies, Aubireng had already created antiviral drugs for the coronavirus back at mid January 2020, and Carnade created those antiviral drugs to prevent the coronavirus back at mid December 2019.

Second coronavirus outbreak

Clyohrairan Armed Forces had executed ten illegal immigrants for starting the second coronavirus outbreak, which the illegal immigrants infected 50 people at the Clyohrairan-Kadersaryinan borders.

Federal Republic of St. Lawrence

A lockdown was immediately imposed in the FRSL in March 16. Under this, all mass gatherings were prohibited and taping of shows and live audience for TV were suspended. A "work from home" scheme is applied to the government workers of the executive branch except for the skeletal workforce consisting of uniformed personnel (Laurentian Mounties, Laurentian Armed Forces and the Coast Guard of St. Lawrence), those providing services in the frontline of health and emergency, and border control. For the private sector, companies are also advised to implement a "work from home" arrangement. All flights to the PRC, especially Wuhan, were banned until August (Wuhan is still banned for safety reasons). If a Laurentian was from another country during the lockdown (i.e. Mushroom Kingdom and Magisteria), he/she would be undergoing a 14-day quarantine (this method still continues today for prevention of COVID). All classes in schools/universities/colleges were suspended during this. Social distancing, just like any country that has COVID, is highly implemented, with a 1.5 meter distance from everyone. The lockdown was lifted in May 1. The slogan of STL's campaign against COVID is aplatir la courbe, which is a French word for "flatten the curve." This word was spread in all parts of STL by Québécois public health director Horacio Arruda.

The federal government gave free surgical and N95 masks, including face shields and alcohol/hand sanitizers to everyone. The federal government also talked with the US government and private company Pfizer for the vaccine.

The vaccine from Pfizer arrived on Dec. 17, 2020, and the first to receive that is also the first ever Laurentian to be infected with COVID locally. However, President Paul Sauvé said in a press conference last December 21, "Even if the vaccine has arrived in our country, we should not forget the social distancing, wearing of face masks, and also face shields. We should not also forget to wash hands or to use alcohol for disinfecting the things we use outside or our hands. Ne soyons pas complaisants (We should not be complacent)."

In terms of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo (which will be held in Summer of 2021), the country will still participate in the games, according to the Laurentian Olympic Committee chairman Daniel Johnson as he said that the new official broadcaster of the games in the country, Central Television Network STLMK (although it gave back the broadcast rights in Rio 2016), would be very disastrous.

On the afternoon of January 18, 2021, President Sauvé went live on-air to all TV stations nationwide (including public broadcasters and the major TV networks) to publicly announced that he has vaccinated for the virus.

The "#RestatHome" and "#Restezàlamaison" hashtags are very popular in the country.


After there were reports in television news including newspapers about the coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan, China spreading, Kawanese airports were forced to ban air flights to China until further notice, in order to prevent the virus spreading all over Kawa. The government recently built a smart security gate all around the canals. If the gate confirms that someone is from China, then access for them will be denied... and if anything or anyone from China tries to get past the gate in Kawa, then they will get electrocuted, but not in a deadly way.


The Magisterian Federal government gave free N95 masks, surgical masks, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers to schools and gov't offices. All metal stair railings in malls, offices and more are always cleaned everyday.

The Incumbent President, Benjamin C. Robinson banned the flights from China and countries near China, on March 16, 2020. President Robinson banned all flights to every country has more cases than 3 cases.

Since Sulfur kills Virus, President Robinson gives every offices, schools and gov't offices sulfur soaps and Sulfur soaps are still available in Magisterian markets.


Due To Coronavirus making Nintendosian People sick, Coronavirus is banned in this Country.

Northern Indosa

Northern Indosa have banned travel to any country to prevent any confirmed cases


The YinYangian Government banned anything that comes from China, even flights from all of mainland China were forced to be cancelled until further notice



In March 1, 2020 To prevent Floweria from the virus to spread they cancelled any flights to or from China and banned everything that came from it, and It is now illegal to high up the prices for the masks, and everything always has to be cleaned

Most citizens has to clean their own hands everyday and Any schools has been closed due to safety reasons.


Aschsenland basically banned everything that goes to or comes from China. N95s were available but were rarely used since the nation deployed aeroplanes that released sanitizers into the air.


Pearl banned export to and import from mainland China, as well cancelled any flight to or from China. As for the materials, Pearl basically made their own alternative goods or imported goods and materials from other countries. (most notably other European countries (excluding Italy). The government also blocked Chinese websites temporarily, resulting to be listed as an Internet Enemy by RWB. Due to the backlash, the government removed the blocking roughly a month later.

The Pearler Federal Government also gave free N95 masks, surgical masks, gas masks, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers to the citizens. All buses, taxi cars, trams, metro rolling stock, trolley buses, monorail trains and cable cars were cleaned everyday. Kadishen, the capital city is in process of creating an antiviral drug in case of the virus spreading in the country.

United Noobian Nations

The United Noobian Nations have closed their borders after the first case of the coronavirus has hit the countries; as of March 2020, N95 face masks, hazmat suits, and many other objects that physically prevent the virus are required in every area. The punishment for not wearing any of these can vary by the region or the countries. Some are as loose as the Noobian Union, as they would send the person out of the store to get a mask, while others are more strict like Ektæózeruich; if one doesn't wear any of these things (unless the person is under 2.5 years old or has a medical problem that prevents them from wearing a thing like that), they could be sent to a special medical waiting room to make sure that they haven't catched it. If they haven't, they could be sent to jail. According to the government of each country, every employee in a place is required to significantly reduce or completely close their business and thoroughly clean the said establishment every day. All trades, transport, exports, or imports to/from China or any other heavily-affected areas with COVID-19 are currently illegal as of now.



Ringian Government did some good preventions against COVID-19 ARD are:

  • gives free N95 masks to everyone
  • bans all flight and ships from and to China, Taiwan, Xentang, Macau, Hong Kong and Tasanala (also Singapore since February 8, 2020 and Yuru-charaia since February 10, 2020)
  • deploying aeroplanes that released sanitizers into the air (similar like how Aschsenland do)
  • teaming up with Gauese Government to distribute Gau's experiment cure to Ringia


The Merriamian government gave free N95 masks, alchohols, and sanitizers to schools and government offices. Starting January 22, all flights from China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Xentang, Macau, and Hong Kong are banned. Cure research started on February.

The Merriamian government gave free testing kits on March 9, and free lambanog, as it is proven as an alternative to alcohol.


The Mezerillian government gave free N95 masks, alcohols and sanitizers. Since December 2019, flights from China and other Southeast Asia nations are banned.


Xintao is currently on a lockdown due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). No travel to Xintao is allowed, and vice versa. All grocery stores and restaurants nationwide are currently closed.


The Keblic government started giving free masks, alchohols, and sanitizers to everyone and it is now illegal to price up the masks or you will you get executed, and the country has put in lockdown

strangely, even though the schools are closed, the shops and restaurants are still open, even the few are closed.

Gauese Archipelago


Fedaria banned everything from China and Tasanala.

Timeline of first confirmed cases by country or territory

First cases by country or territory
Date Country or territory
2 January
13 January
16 January
20 January
21 January
22 January
23 January
24 January
25 January
27 January QWERTY
29 January
30 January Flag of Clyohraira.svg Clyohraira
31 January Othostria
Dryicoran flag.jpg Dryicor
4 February
11 February Flag of Juulzaden.png Juulzaden
14 February
19 February
21 February
24 February
25 February
26 February
27 February
28 February
29 February
1 March Flag of Gaburayon.svg Gaburayon
2 March
3 March
4 March
5 March
6 March Flag of YinYangia.png YinYangia
7 March
8 March
9 March
10 March
11 March
12 March
13 March
14 March
15 March Flag of St. Lawrence.svg Federal Republic of St. Lawrence
16 March
17 March
18 March
19 March
20 March
21 March
22 March
23 March
24 March
25 March
26 March
28 March
30 March
31 March
2 April
3 April
4 April
5 April
6 April
7 April

Entities without confirmed cases

Below is a list of countries and territories with no confirmed cases of COVID-19, in order of greatest population.

Countries with suspected cases are in italics and noted with an asterisk (*).

UN member states

Below is a list of these countries with no confirmed cases of COVID-19, in order of greatest population.

States with no confirmed cases
# Country Population Continent
1 Flag of Utikalor.svg Utikalor 72,029,285 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
2 Flag of Sialeh.png Sialeh 62,981,938 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
3 Flag of Jaymawakin.svg Jaymawakin* 58,426,839 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
4 Flag of Kowokam.png Kowokam 58,029,177 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
5 Flag of Narthernee.svg Narthernee 56,898,738 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
6 Flag of Haalis.svg Haalis* 49,194,823 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
7 Flag of Lashah Edah.png Lashah Edah 45,993,929 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
8 Flag of Mahri.svg Mahri* 42,932,399 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
9 Flag of Sentan.svg Sentan 42,531,572 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
10 Flag of Raland.svg Raland* 41,553,221 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
11 Flag of Jahydifaef.png Jahydifaef* 39,929,910 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
12 Flag of Trimaka.svg Trimaka* 38,991,782 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
13 Flag of North El Kadsre.svg North El Kadsre 35,393,397 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
14 Flag of Jazila.svg Jazila* 34,003,281 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
15 Ypywrhwe* 32,899,357 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
16 Flag of Ahmara.svg Ahmara 31,113,903 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
17 Flag of Hykratarnoir.png Hykratarnoir* 29,894,305 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
18 Flag of Lainyathia.png Lainyathia* 29,849,194 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
19 Flag of Raoekeiso.png Raoekeiso* 28,941,740 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
20 Flag of Xamanaire.svg Xamanaire* 28,830,858 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
21 Flag of Trayu.svg Trayu* 28,589,223 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
22 Flag of Ayirtavai'ice.png Ayirtavai'ice* 28,287,902 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
23 Flag of Warcartaes.png Warcartaes* 28,247,995 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
24 Flag of North Kadersaryina.svg North Kadersaryina 27,492,727 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
25 Flag of Jalraiser.svg Jalraiser* 24,301,826 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
26 Flag of Saranam.svg Saranam 24,103,920 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
27 Flag of Oza Islands.png Oza Islands 22,991,474 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
28 Flag of Makoria.svg Makoria 22,379,629 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
29 Flag of Kharnazury.png Kharnazury 21,937,862 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
30 Flag of Jetania.jpg Jetania 21,000,000 Europe (Jetanian Archipelago)
31 Flag of Zolpycevo.png Zolpycevo 20,960,327 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
32 Flag of Vicnora.svg Vicnora 20,497,839 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
33 Flag of Vilaharshe.svg Vilaharshe* 13,269,850 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
34 Flag of Bliarshaert.svg Bliarshaert* 12,920,994 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
35 Flag of Cavazetista.png Cavazetista* 9,682,262 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
36 Flag of Puerto Chango.png Puerto Chango 9,678,453 Europe (Jetanian Archipelago)
37 Flag of Vairarca.svg Vairarca 9,041,890 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
38 23px Lokemia 8,928,059 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
39 Flag of Kuboia.jpg Kuboia 8,000,000 Europe (Jetanian Archipelago)
40 Flag of Evealyloary.png Evealyloary 7,985,025 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
41 Flag of Zarujadec (1991-2021).png Zarujadec* 7,401,528 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
42 Flag of Nueva Peking.png Nueva Peking 6,700,012 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
43 Flag of Bellich.svg Bellich 6,574,328 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
44 Flag of Juar'rau.png Juar'rau 5,949,925 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
45 Flag of Gauboran.svg Gauboran 5,920,390 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
46 Flag of Veko.png Veko 5,678,000 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
47 Flag of Aquaria.png Aquaria 4,635,765 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
48 Smarcar-Zaricoaras-Yajraetay-Liaeusana 3,683,291 North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
49 Flag of Costa de Gaviotas.png Costa de Gaviotas 1,897,001 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)
50 Flag of San Enrique.svg San Enrique 930,719 North America (El Kadsreian Islands)

States with no recognition or limited recognition

Unrecognized states with no confirmed cases
# Country Population De jure Continent Status

Dependent territories

Dependencies with no confirmed cases
# Territory Population Status Country / Countries Continent
2 Flag of Trishel.svg Trishel 5,926,001 Unincorporated territory Flag of the United States.svg United States North America (El Kadsreian Islands)

Administrative subdivisions of countries and disputed territories

Administrative divisions and disputed territories with no confirmed cases
# Territory Population Status Country / Countries Continent
1 Flag of Lamatote.png Lamatote 25,893,118 Disputed sovereign state Flag of Hykratarnoir.png Hykratarnoir / Kosamsahiail / Hebraesia North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
2 Flag of Spanish Nakiro.svg Spanish Nakiro 19,882,191 Autonomous administrative division Flag of Spain.svg Spain North America (El Kadsreian Islands)

Inhabited territories without permanent residents

Other territories with no confirmed cases
# Continent / Island / Archipelago Population (seasonal) Territory/Territories Country / Countries Continent
Summer Winter
1 Tainelles Islands 10,220 (Tainelleistas)

200,592 (Anyonelles)

20,184 (Algramaet)

60,925 (Iafieulles)

150,925 (Saryinan Tainelles)

8,079 (Tybaldovo)

450,925 (in total)





Saryinan Tainelles


Flag of Cavazetista.png Cavazetista

Flag of Gaburayon.svg Gaburayon

Flag of Izarikaceo.svg Izarikaceo

Flag of Jalraiser.svg Jalraiser

Flag of Kadersaryina.svg Kadersaryina

Flag of Xamanaire.svg Xamanaire

North America (Kadersaryinan Islands)
2 Marie Byrd Land approx. 150 60 Flag of the El Kadsreian Antarctic Territory.png El Kadsreian Antarctic Territory Flag of El Kadsre.svg El Kadsre Antarctica

Data table

2019–20 coronavirus pandemic by country and territory
Countries and territories Confirmed Deaths Recovered
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Mainland China 80849 3199 66931
Ax.png Aschsenland 1 0 0
Abusayaflag.png Abusaya 25 2 0
Flag of Adamineryl.png Adamineryl 5 0 5
Flag of Bairan.png Bairan 1223 3 1220
Flag of Brazil.png Brazil (fictional) 10 0 9
Flag of Bufamat.png Bufamat 25 1 24
Flag of CD20 Island.png CD20 Island 53 30 23
Flag of Clyohraira.svg Clyohraira 102942 0 102940
Flag of Daricajuce.svg Daricajuce 1706 6 1700
Flag of Pechalsalavia.png Sevoria 3112 12 77
Deniaflag.png Denia 4 0 0
Flag of St. Lawrence.svg Federal Republic of St. Lawrence 513,009 8,024 121,218
MagisterianFlag2.png Magisteria 15422 26 15396
Merriamiaflag2.png Merriamia 95 4 14
Mezerillflag2.png Mezerill 1 0 0
Flag of El Kadsre.svg El Kadsre 6 1 6
Flag of Gaburayon.svg Gaburayon 893 742 151
Flag of Juulzaden.png Juulzaden 5925 402 5523
Flag of Kadersaryina.svg Kadersaryina 9820519 1001000 8819509
Karunkadan official flag.png Karunkadan 76 4 21
Fakeflag-dq1-dq2-ag2-bg3-bo2-am2.png Koliur 4876 1287 982
1024px-Flag of the Republic of Maryland.svg.png Danistia 25 10 15
Flag of YinYangia.png YinYangia 50 7 0
Flag of Tasanala.svg Tasanala 45134 701 41
Flag of Vustrela.png Vustrela 2 0 0
Flag of victoria.png Victoria 16842 5729 1298
Flag of Histeria.jpeg Histeria 5 1 4
Flag of Gau.svg Gau 7 0 7
NamjilaFlag.png Namjila 3 1 0
Flag of Xentang.png Xentang 40 2 2
Flag of Piramca.png Piramca 11 1 10
Fakeflag-bm2-bm3-bm4-cr1-cr2-cr3-cr4-cr5.png Uryia 2 0 0
Yuhrioflag.png Yuhrio 8 0 0
Flag of Crenisa.png Crenisa 20 0 0
1536px-Flag of Manchukuo.svg.png Manchukuo 9453 5876 7908
Flag of Floweria.jpg Floweria 20 3 15
Flag of Namkanda.jpg Namkanda 1000 100 500
Flag of Sealandia.png Sealandia 10000 1000 57
Flag of Tsuki.svg Tsuki 208 3 159
1200px-Flag of IndosaSouth.svg.png Southern Indosa 1 0 0
Flag of Keblic.png Keblic 14 2 10
Flag of Nakiro.svg Nakiro 1 0 1
Flag of Fir.png Fir 3 0 3
Zivia 4000 6 1
FlagofVlokozu.svg Vlokozu 103 0 103
International conveyances
Diamond Princess (fictional)[1] 321 - -
As of 2 March 2021
  1. The number shows cases on the ship Diamond Princess, currently quarantined in Japanese waters, but are not included in Japanese government counts.

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