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CPN Media Group is an El Kadsreian-American multimedia broadcasting company founded on October 23, 1961, in Capulco, East El Kadsre. Initially, during early years, CPN Media Group opened radio stations in late-1961 in East El Kadsre and after West El Kadsre invaded East El Kadsre, it expanded to rest of El Kadsre, as well as the United States and the rest of the world. CPN Media Group opened a commercial TV channel for El Kadsre on January 13, 1963, as CPN One after assigned agreement with television license was made.


In 1993, after a new management was appointed, it was renamed to CPN Media Group with the launch of new channels and stations.

In 2019, Quest., after a brief run as a major stakeholder, sold CPN Media Group to Qualis, who still shares the company with it's other stakeholder Seagrounds Financial Group.